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Unhappy Need help with 99 Camry window repair!

Hi, I'm new to this forum but came across it because I am having a MAJOR problem with my automatic driver side window on my 99 camry. I got my windows tinted about a year ago. About a month later, the driver side window started acting kind of funny as in it started to take longer than usual for it to go up. I disregarded the problem (I now know I probably should have taken it back to the place where I got it tinted immediately). As the months passed, the problem worsened but in a different way. The window started to tilt forward at an angle ever so slightly as it was going up. A year later, the problem has gotten to the point where it will go up about 3/4 of the way and get caught. I then have to use my hands and pull at the window to help it up while trying to realign it. Once it is back up, it is still tilted at an angle and thus there is still a gap. I then have to open/close the window very slightly and continue this up/down/up/down as it slowly realigns the window to seal it shut. I investigated and took a closer look and found what I THINK may be the problem. The metal track that keeps the window aligned is somehow all bent up (my guess is the place I got my windows tinted at didn't do a good job of realigning the window when they put it back on and then over the course of a year of me putting the window up and down, it must've messed up the track). I searched every window post on this forum and came across something similar: seems like this guy's problem isn't as severe though. I went around town for estimates and all the shops estimated about $300-400 when I described the problem. I'm still in college and can't afford to drop $300-400 on getting my window fixed so I would really like to try to somehow fix it myself. I could seriously use some help/advice. Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Take it apart and fix it yourself. Just look for anything bent or missing and try to fix it.
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I just picked up a 98 for our third car for my 16 yr old daughter and just had the same kind of problem with the driver's window. I pulled the interior panel off to get a closer look, but only have access to the inner workings of the driver's door through two small openings on the interior panel. It seems like the door's interior and exterior panels are press fit together at the factory so I am not sure how to best get to the window mechanics to investigate and get the window properly back on its track. I can just fit my hand througgh the openings but not enough to do any real work. Anyone have any suggestions?
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I had a problem with the driver side window of my 97 Camry. It would go all the way down, but went up slowly in very small amounts, getting worse as time went on. By pushing on the window while trying to raise it, it would go a bit farther. My problem was the motor that runs it. If you take the regulator and motor out of the door, and remove the motor from the regulator, and hook just the motor back up, you can assure yourself that it is the motor, and not the regulator. Motors are available on the internet from several places. Regulators and motors are two different items. The regulator is a scissor type mechanism that keeps the window level. I got a refurbished replacement motor from Auto Parts Warehouse. (There is a core charge) Replacing the motor is not all that hard if you understand a few simple procedures, which are shown below.

1. Removal of the parts of the door liner and switches is covered in another post on this site.
Once you have it down to the bare door, run the window down until you can work with the screws
that hold the window glass in place. There are 2. It takes a small socket wrench with an extension
to remove them. Make sure you support the window so it does not fall into the bottom of the door
and break since those two bolts are all that holds it from falling..
2. Once the bolts are removed, very carefully pull the window glass up and out of the door. You
might have to tilt the glass one way or the other, but it comes out easily. Put it in a safe place out
of the way.
3. With the window glass out, it is somewhat easier to help the motor raise the regulator up all the way, with your hand.. Once that is done, take the connector apart that goes to motor. It has two wires. Mine were red and green. This needs to be done, so you can get the Reg/Motor out of the larger hole in the door.
4. There are 6 bolts that hold the regulator and motor to the door. One of those bolts holds the
upper brace for the regulator. That attaches over by the door lock. You should probably mark
that hole with a black magic marker, but it does have a tab on the arm that fits through an
indexing hole where you can see it.
5. When taking the rest of the bolts out that hold the Reg/motor, note that there is a bright shiny pin
sticking out between three of the bolts, and a small hook that catches the tin of the door. These
will assure proper alignment when putting the Reg/Motor back in.
6. With the whole unit out, take the three screws out that hold the motor to the regulator assembly.
Inspect the regulator. It needs to move freely. It if that is damaged, replace it. If it seems to be in good shape, plug the old motor back into the connector, and try running it up and down. If moves both ways, but feebily, it is no doubt the motor. A new one will run the window up and down with power.
7. There is a little trick attaching the new motor. The regulator has a spring incorporated in it. You
need to pivot the gear part of the regulator so that the gears of the motor engage it once the
motor is bolted to the regulator The spring fights that action, so I put a screwdriver in a hole that
is already there, to hold it, so the gears would align, while I bolted the motor on. A vise grip
would probably do the trick as well. It does not matter, what part of the rack the gears engage.
The new motor will run until it hits the up and down stops.
8. Once the new motor is in place, the old connector needs to be removed from the old motor, and attached to the new motor. Make Sure that there is enough wire to reach, once the whole assembly has been re-attached to the door. It is probably a good idea to leave a couple of inches
of wire on the old motor, since it is a Core item.
. 9. It is a good idea to test the Regulator/Motor assembly before putting it back in the door, and
also once it is in the door, before re-attaching the glass.
10. Position the regulator again, so that you can access the screws that attach the window, slide the
Window very carefully back in, supporting it well until it is attached securely to the regulator. Make sure it is in the window track, and not in any bind. It should go up and down quickly and with power.
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It's almost always the switch

$55 right here:

Free lifetime warranty, 30 days to return if you decide that aint it...
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