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Australia 1993 Camry Limp Mode Cauuse ?

Hi Everybody,
This is my 1st Post on Toyotanation , ... I hope I don't break any Rules.

And I hope some one can help me get my problem solved .

Please excuse the Long Post... but I wanted to try and give you every detail that I can ... so it may help you help me.

Thanks in advance .

1993 Camry S/W 2.2 Ltr EFI
200.000 klms

Current Petrol Tank level = ¼ I have not added any petrol for a month. The problem started when I had about an hours driving more petrol.

Has been running like a dream for 15 yrs... best car ever.

A couple of weeks ago , the Car was just warm enough to drop into OD, a few minutes later whilst driving up a slight incline doing approx. 110ks on the Freeway, ....

I noticed a bit of a "Stumble/Cut out" ( didn't Stall ) I backed off and checked the Temp gauge. = OK , I continued to drive over the Crest and had another stumble or 2 ,
I thought maybe the OD was dropping in and out and I did that Manually to try and replicate the Problem,... but it was a much less of a jerk than the earlier one that I felt.

I drove for another 30 minutes on the Freeway , turned off into the Suburbs and reached my Sister's place ... I stayed the rest of the Arvo and drove home .... without a Problem .. never missed a beat

After sitting in my driveway for about 10 days , I drove 10 mins into town to shop ... everything was fine , I left the Car sit for an hour ,
I loaded the back up with 80 klgs of Sand and drove off , a few mins (2) later the car stumbled etc as before and continued to Stumble and Play up.

I Found I could drive the vehicle as long as I didn't give it a lot of throttle, and coaxed it off from a standing start,.

I got the Car home quite easy as long as I used very little Throttle, If I used too much it would Stumble every time ... But it would Never Stall

* The engine Light is not lit or ever was.( it does come on with Ignition on and not running )

* I haven't driven the Car for over a week and now, ...Even when stopped and motor is Cold if Started and light throttle the car revs to approx 2000 rpm ( no tacho) ....
any more than that and the Motor will continue to Drop and Rise continuously until the throttle is backed of to the 2000 rpms.... and then it's fine ,...
If I give it more throttle again and it does it again and again and again.....

I can simulate the Problem at 2000rpm and less by flicking the Ignition Off and On very fast whilst running.

* This gives me the Impression that it is the ECU putting it in Limp Mode, by Cutting the Ignition over a certain amount of Revs ( approx 2000 ).

* I originally thought that putting the Bags of Sand may have simulated the Incline on the Freeway the 1st time it stumbled, ( ie Moving the Petrol to rear of Tank )
I have removed the Sand and the Probs still there.

* I was told it sounded it was starving for Fuel... So I replaced the Fuel Filter and and can I blow through the old one nearly as easy as the New one ...
it didn't make any difference There seemed to be plenty of fuel coming through the Old filter before I replaced it .

* I have Pinched off the Fuel Return Line after the Fuel Press Reg,..so to make sure the Fuel Pressure Regulator wasn't letting the Pressure out of the Fuel Rail.

* I Jumped the Terminals T1 and E1 in the Diagnostic Box , and the only Code I retrieved was "24" the ATS ( Air Temp Sensor )_ .. that was because I had the Air filter off and the ATS was disconnected.

I replace the AF and removed the Battery leads and cleared the ECU and read the Codes again ,,, there were NO Codes.

* If the Fuel Pump had a crack or leak on the Intake side of the FP and was sucking Air because of the Low Fuel level
( first brought on by FW Incline , Sand Bags , now just low tank ) and was starving for Pressure ... how would the ECU know that there was a Fuel Pressure Problem there are no FP sensors are there ??.

Please note that the Motor runs as smooth as you could want until it reaches the 2000 revs approx....
so if it was sucking air or Water etc from the Tank ... it would play up at any Revs Eh??

I have searched the Net for Days now.... I have read read through stacks of Posts here and elsewhere ... without any luck...
I hope someone knows of something similar to the above and also what rectified it,...

I am thinking that maybe the ECU thinks there is something wrong but not putting out codes or just it is in Limp Mode because of a faulty ECU

I say in "Limp Mode" because that's what I think Limp Mode might be.


** Motor won't Accelerate Past Approx 200rpm ( No Tacho just a Guess ).

** Once Motor past 2000 rpm .. Cuts and Recovers constantly

** Runs as Smooth as you could want below 2000 rpm.

** Changed Fuel Filter... not dirty, no difference

** No Engine Light Showing

** No Fault Codes in ECU

** Auto seems to Change through gears normally.

Thanks in advance for just reading it .

Regards..... Ron

PS: .... How do you know when a 1993 Camry 2.2 is in Limp Mode ... is it as described above ???

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Hi Everybody,
First up let me say ... this car doesn't have an EGR

Well I drove the Car to the Mechanics on Tuesday, he spent 3¼ hrs on it along with his 2 mechanics every so often whilst it was there.

I was with them and held the Lamp and turned on the Car etc.... so I know they spent all that time on it.

When I drove the Car in ... I had been driving it for approx. 8 mins.... so it wasn't over hot.

The Car drove great... didn't miss a bit whilst in gear ( Auto ) , out of gear give it a Rev and it would faulter every time .

So they checked ...
* MAP , ( they thought readings from MAP were odd. )
* Fuel Pressure and Flow.
* Dizzy and Coil.
* Checked Codes and Info with Scanner. .. (NO CODES )

* After Car got Warm enough to keep turning Thermo Fans on,.... the Car
was hard to get it to Faulter..... If we Placed it into Gear and locked
the Brakes and Loaded the Motor when put out of gear ... It would
Cut and Recover for a 20 secs period and wouldn't do it until Loaded
again as above.

* Test Drove car and it never missed a beat

I drove the Car to the Wreckers and borrowed an EFI Relay (Round one) , a MAP sensor, and an ECU...

Next morning the Car would Faulter Badly in Neutral/Park .

* I Changed the EFI Relay..... No Difference .. replaced Old one .
* I did the same with the MAP ... No Difference .. replaced OLD one.
* Changed the ECU and...... it fixed it

I drove the Car back to the Mechanics and Showed him , Thanked him, and he only Charged me $85 for all he did.

I went back to the Wreckers and paid him $80 for the ECU.

I know this is in Hind Sight ....... But I think a Good Rule would be if there are "NO CODES" and something is wrong... the 1st place to look would be ECU ... this is something we would do when I managed a workshop for a S/H Car Sales yard that I owned with a business partner.

We would have Good ECU for a couple of the Popular Models in a Cupboard in the W/Shop... and if we didn't get a code try the ECU.

Well I am retired now and don't have access to the w/shop.

So if you can get a Wrecker to lend you a part to try ... even if it is tried at the Wreckers place.... it can make life a lot easier.

Cheers .... Ron
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Glad to hear you got it figured out! And thanks for posting up the solution; good to know.

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