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Gas Gauge?

Hey guyz Im having a problem with my gas gauge in my 1988 Toyota 4 x 2 not reading correctly. Are they hard to replace and are they still available?
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More than likely it's the sending unit, not the gauge.
You can try cleaning it with some electrical contact cleaner.
Otherwise they're around $150, dealer only part.

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Or from a strip joint. aka junkyard

Does the guage read empty all the time, does it fluctuate, or read low even after a fillup?

You could check the connection. Verify it's clean and making good contact. It's the line at the rear of the gas tank that has a 4 prong connection just inside the rear passenger side wheel. Disconnect and apply a dab of dielectric grease, then reconnect. Should hear a "snap" when you reconnect.

If you have to replace, it's not too difficult. You'll either need to drop the gas tank or remove the bed to gain access.

Or, use the odometer. reset every fillup and fuel up at 200 miles, or a little less.
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removing the bed is easier the bolts come out very easily they even did on my rusted out high humidity location 88 pickup the bolts thread it up from underneath upside down and thread into the bed floor

the sending unit will be the culprit unless it is a wiring harness connector issue in which i have had some of on my 88

check the connector on the pass side rocker under the carpeting between the seat and the door there is a large connector inline in the harness and it is prone to corroding or having loose connection in it and it has the wires for the fuel pump and fuel guage sender and taillights and everything back there, i had to cut my connector out and crimp connector all the wires because i was losing conections in the fuel and in the taillights and it wouldnt quit doing it

i would assume this is a common issue on these trucks and probably have bene many ppl with the same problem and could never figure it out, no one seems to realize this connector exists, and its a big one, ALL of the rear wiring goes through it

im the investigative and take things apart type of person im not afraid to start chucking screws and taking thing apart to find a problem
you get good at it after taking down o many dashes and columns and doing heater cores and so on over the years

bottom line, its either a harness connector issue or the sender unit is going out
mine was frozen rusted stuck

i bought a good used one off someone for 20 bucks once so i could have a fuel guage again but it ended up being bad too

the low fuel light quit working, due to bad wire connection in the rocker and im sick of trying ot fix that its not working, so i know its runnign out of fuel and needs some soon when it starts to cut out when i take off from a dead stop or take a corner kind of fast haha

4 years this way and never been stranded or anything lol

you dont really need a fuel guage in these trucks they are predictable and a tiny bit of math real quick before trips is more than enough

im usually running around at any given moment with about 5-6 gallons of fuel

but i often run it down to a take off miss aha

back whe the fuel light worked still it would go at least 10 miles with the light on, probably could go 15 or 20 actually but i enever tried it

some ppl cant drive without a fuel guage and some can, it depends on the vehicle and it depends on the person, im perfectly content without a fuel guage in this particular vehicle, but in other vehicles like the old 79 C-20 trailer hauling rig you gotta have a fuel guage, they are unpredictable on the fuel useage especially with an old 350 engine and carbureted, sometimes it sucks tons of fuel and sometimes it doesnt, you can never know when

many 1987 toy truck parts, lots of parts inside and out, also have many '88 pickup parts still.. try me! pm or email me, also fastr68 on yahoo messenger anytime 24/7 signed in on there.

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Hey jowdba you still around? I have a 1996 HZJ80 Landcruiser and my Fuel Gauge is stuck just below 1/2 and never moves whether key is in/on/off. When the gas tank gets low the light (halleluya still works) comes ON. The problem began when my dad put a dent in the bottom of the gas tank (no leaks amen) as he got stuck on a concrete manhole in the middle of a field when he was doing rooster tails. I'll try lubing the terminals as suggested above, but let me know of any ideas please.
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