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The dream ...

Posted 04-02-2013 at 02:19 AM by Northish
Updated 06-01-2013 at 10:32 PM by Northish
Tags 3vz fe , camry , custom , vienta

Ever since I was a kid I've wanted my Fathers car. There isn't anything particularly special about it, just a plain white 96 Toyota Vienta, but to me at 9 years old it was the best car I'd ever seen. For some reason Dad never sold it, most probably my obsession with it caused him not to. I'm now 19 and finally got my license, as a present my Dad gave me the Vienta.

It's not the prettiest of cars out, Dad didn't take much care of it, there are dings and scratches everywhere...
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Keto Diet - One year later

Posted 08-23-2014 at 11:42 AM by GeneW1

Stabilized weight - about fifty pounds lighter.

Cholesterol fell twenty pounds. Risk ratio dropped from 3:1 to 1.67 to 1. Blood pressure fell to roughly 110 over 70.

The big issues continue to be sleep and modest gut problems. I had food allergies for years so this is not a problem. My insides feel much better these days. You may find such events distressing.

The sleep issue is different. I need to consume salt water before bed or I will have restless...
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吃点苦 - Eat Bitter
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finding 91 Celica GT4 bumper & hood

Posted 01-01-2012 at 10:01 AM by muscle_bound89

Would anyone know where to find an OEM 1991 celica GT4 hood and front bumper?

Also is there any parts I need for the conversion? or will it just bolt right up?
I am buying a 91 celica GTS.

I was told my best bet was to find a half cut gt4 so I can get the turbo 3sgte motor and all the other parts.
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2001 Toyota Avalon

Posted 07-21-2013 at 12:40 PM by grannyblackwell

I have a 2001 Toyota Avalon with approx. 180000. miles regular maintenance has been done on the vehicle. recently I have been having trouble with starting and getting the engine to idle, rpm's not high enough to run the ac changed the fuel filter cleaned the mass air flow sensor and throttle body. still having trouble with starting and idling runs great and ac works great when out on highway.
any help would be appreciated.
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