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Vehicle Name Cool-Rolla
Year 2005
Make Toyota
Model Corolla
Packages CE
2005 Toyota Corolla
History Bought her in 2007! 100,000 miles and 5 years later she is paid off, but she is starting to show her age a bit. Now its time for me to repay her by treating her right.
2005 Toyota Corolla Exterior 2005 Toyota Corolla Exterior
Exterior needs some work. I am still on the fence about either keeping the 05 front end and getting a lip, or covert it to an 03-04 front bumper with the Vurteq lip.
Someone deiced to back up into my bumper and leave when I was shopping for some groceries. So I need to change it up along with getting a new paint job too.
Also I am planning to swap my headlights out and take the old ones and clean them. Prep them for a retrofit too!

2005 Toyota Corolla Interior 2005 Toyota Corolla Interior 2005 Toyota Corolla Interior
Interior has begun to show its wear. I havent done anything interior wise except for 2 shift knob changes, and my co-pilot Doraemon! I am thinking sometime soon I am going to clean out the whole interior with a steam cleaner and soap.

Also wouldn't mind getting a NRG wood grain steering wheel with short hub and quick release.

In-Car Entertainment
Stock :/

Soon to change though!

Under the Hood
Under the hood is a 1ZZ-FE with 145,000 miles that is stock and well maintained. Only aftermarket things I have done are the Spark plugs and a K&N drop in air filter. Why ruin perfection? xD

Stock 4x4 status! Currently looking into springs. Just not sure what brand to go with.

Wheel and Tire
Yokohama Advid's with some dope HUBCAPS! So dope that I only have 3 instead of 4! loljk
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