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Toyota (in Canada) calls the Prius the "Prius". I call it the Prius hatchback, and the above posters have called it the "fastback" and "liftback". This model has more names than anything else! I think you could also call it the regular prius, since it is the flagship of the group and has millions in sales all around the world.

All the other Prius's have an extension to their name to differentiate them.

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That is very helpful; thanks very much.
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I've got to add my two cents here. We, my wife and I, have 09' prius base model. It's hers and she loves it. It gets easy 53 mile to the gallon and with her job of merchandizing she ends up making money when they pay her mileage. I just changed the oil tonight and she has put 85,000 miles on it since we bought it new off the lot the end of 09' and oil and tires is all we've put into it. It performs like any other car on the road, lots of pep and feels sure footed on the road. We took a trip from TN to MI in it with every available space filled with our camping gear and still got 53 miles to the gallon and the trip did not feel cramped.
As far as new or used I look at it like this. Are you planning to keep the car until it falls apart or just a few years and then get something else? I know a Toyota will last as our family had an carrolla in the family for 20 yrs. before my sister finely sold it to upgrade to a vehicle that would pull a trailer. All she ever had to do to it is replace a water pump aside from the usual wear and tear. If you think you may want to get a different car in a few years, I would suggest buying used, but if you want to keep the car for as long as you can I would buy new. We really like ours and would not trade it off for anything else. Toyota really knows how to build quality.
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Originally Posted by chellievista View Post
Hello Everyone! Potential Toyota Hybrid Prius owner here! First time car-buyer and am very interested in hybrid car, in particular, the prius...but Not sure what model i should get. Although, I am open to hearing about other comparable cars.

Questions for Current or Past Prius Owners:
-What are the pros and cons for the prius?
-should I buy new or used? (I'm leaning towards new because I believe that the battery is very expensive to replace)
-what's the maintenance like? How often do you have to maintain the hybrid? What is the cost of the maintenance compared to a non-hybrid car?
-any problems with batteries that you won't find on non-hybrid cars? How expensive have they been to replace?
-what are your thoughts on warranties?

other info:
-Live in Seattle...Lots of rain (obviously) but hardly ever any snow.
-driving habits: right now just, going to the grocery store and park and ride, but plan to start using it heavily very soon...maybe in the next 4-5 months (driving to school and work and to boyfriend's house)
- this would be my first car that I've purchased myself (eeek!)


I found the Prius to have the driving personality of Marvin (From Hitchhiker's guide to the Galaxy - Google it). Brilliant at times, competent almost all the time, but lacking in joy. Of the models, the V is a great choice for room - and seems a bit smoother, but I found the instrument panel more than a bit off-putting - the shifter and center-mounted gauges don't do it for me. The only plus for "C" is the relatively low price - but at it heart, it's a Yaris - the least competitive car Toyota sells in the US by far. That's a cheaply made small car that reminds you of the fact every mile of its life - not as bad as a Versa, but darn close in the 'cheap-and-not-too-cheerful' corner of the bargain bin.
Durability has been excellent overall, but with any used vehicle, the abuse the first owner heaps on the vehicle (especially wrecks) makes a big difference. Line up a shop you trust that knows the cars to perform an inspection for any used vehicle. Traction battery has been quite durable, and the auxiliary 12 vold battery has bee quite good, but a bit spendy when you need to replace it due to its deep cycle use.

Given your stated age, a lightly used Gen III Prius (2010+) sedan is likely the best bet from a cost and durability perspective. You should have several years of battery and powertrain warranty to ease your mind, while still avoiding the big hit of initial depreciation. A 'V' is a good choice - but more costly and more rare. Going new, avoid excessive tart-ups - you can quickly get to a crazy price point if you don't. A wild card is that right now, Toyota is doing some screaming deals on the Prius - so know your price point for a given trim. Places like Fitzmall list them as low as $22K. They are a bit too far away for your location - but I'm sure the Seattle area has their share of comparable price points.

If you are uncomfortable haggling, find a friend or family member who has the 'killer instinct' or go with outfits like Sam's, Cosco or BJ's that will help get you a decent deal. Stay aware that as a young female, many salespeople will try their worst to take advantage of you - be ready for battle, and get informed. If you finance, get pre-approved with your Credit Union at a rate and payment duration you want to deal with - the finance people at the dealership are another pond of sharks to watch out for. Avoid the 'rust and dust' add-on (things like overpriced extended warranties, obscenely overpriced wax jobs, etc).
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Plug In Prius charges in three hours from conventional 120v outlet.
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