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79Corona 10-30-2008 08:11 AM

Corona Owners Intoductions
I decided to add this thread so we could get to know a bit about each other. Please feel free to add a post about yourself. I'd like to keep it to one post per owner so it's easy to scroll down to find someone. I think you can always go back and edit your post to add/revise something. Anyway, carry on.

79Corona 10-30-2008 08:36 AM

I guess I should go first. Well as you can see, I've owned quite a few Toyotas. That wasn't always by choice, but mostly so. I've also owned Nissan/Datsun cars, one French car, and a couple of American cars. All of my Toyotas have been reliable for the most part. The Camry was the most refined and probably a close second in fun to drive to the 82 Celica.

I'm 49 and have lived in Virginia my whole life, and am a civilian engineer for the US Army. I have three children and a mortgage payment. ;)

I'm the third owner of the Corona, which belonged to my wife's grandmother since it was five years old until about three or four years ago. It is currently in very good running condition, and is my daily driver. It needs some cosmetic work mainly below the door guards. To date, repair/upgrade work has included a repaired exh manifold, new manifold-back exhaust system plus chrome tip, new Weber DGEV carburetor, transmission kickdown cable, modern headlights, Kenwood CD receiver with XM Sat and four Infinity speakers, Toyota cast wheels & new tires, KYB shocks/struts, new rear light seals, new head liner, new brakes, rust repair w/ new metal, new idler/pitman arms, repaired AC system, new marker lights, new starter, new alternator, new tune-up parts and leather steering wheel wrap.

shonuff 11-01-2008 01:46 PM

hi my name is nuff, and im a toyotaholic.

currently i own 7 rwd based toyotas with my newest one being a 85

74 corona wagon
75 SR5 hilux
78 hilux
78 celica GT
79 celica ST
80 4x4 SR5 longbed hilux
85 AE86

im also that guy with the lifted celica, lowered and supercharged wagon, beat to piss wheeler and a bone stock never drifted AE86. ive owned over 40 cars and im just about 30. diehard classic toyota fan with 2 tattoo's to prove it. i have just about every way you could mod a carb powerd 2xr in and running. im also a firm believer of "fab it yourself" since there really isnt much you can buy that bolts on.

some would also call me quite the crazy F'er, but you decide that for yourselves

if you wish to see pics of my car collection from the last 4yrs or so, checkout my photobucket here

tim2go 02-22-2009 04:40 AM

new to Board
I own an 1980 Corona wagon which is my work car .

I am getting ready start in on the body work this spring.
Last year I did mechanical inner ano outer tie rods wheel bearings ,rotors,calipers ,drums ,wheel cylinders ,weber carb,cam.headers, DUI Ignition,

I need a grille.

Anway Im 53 and have had an equal number of cars over the years a 67 fairlane first and a 93 camry being most recent.

Currently other thann the corona I have a96 Jag Vanden Plas and an 87 Alfa Romeo spider.

Tim in Ormond Beach Fla

Blof-fan 02-28-2009 03:01 PM

Well, time for my introduction than I guess ;)

Hi, My name is Patrieck (Better known as Blof-fan on the i-net). I'm 25 years young and I live in the Netherlands (Better known as Holland to some people)

After driving a '92 AE92 Corolla Hatchback for a few years as my first car, I became such a fan of that model that I have bought a (In these parts of the world) rare AE92 GT-S Coupé as a project car.

The Hatchback eventually just about rusted away, and in order to save it, I had to look for a new daily driver.
I now have the nasty and expencive habbit that I can't part with a car that I have owned and I want to improve it or restor it to it's former glory :D
So both Corolla's are at a shed I rent and have converted into my own workshop, were I do all the maintenance on my cars myself.

With a girlfriend and a 3 year old child, a larger car was needed. What better car than a '92 Carina E GTi.
With all the extra's like the 156bhp 2000cc 16V 3S-GE, Superstrut suspension and alot of other goodies, it was the only car that I would consider as a familycar.
I bought it in juni 2008 and I am still very pleased with it, although I keep tinkering on it.

For more information on me and my projectcar, I'd like to refer you guys to my personal website:

Unco 03-28-2009 01:57 AM

hi all,

i've been a member for some time now. i've had a handful of toyotas over that last few years. the most recent is a 1978 toyota corona that my girlfriend bought about a month or so ago.

it is a corona 2000 with an 18R-C engine and what looks like a borg warner automatic. leaf springs in the back.

i have been working on it to get it ready for registration. in the last few days i have changed a few steering parts and done a minor service on it.

the car itself is in pretty good condition. it was in the same family all its life until we bought it. all the chrome trimmings are there and the interior is in very good condition. everything works. unfortunately, it does not have air conditioning, but we don't mind.

myself, i have a thing for old ford vehicles (i currently have a 1977 LTD, a 1978 Falcon and a 1984 F-100) but i've always had a soft spot for toyotas and this one i really like. i really think the build quality of these vehicles was outstanding and i'm glad my girlfriend has bought this car. she also has a 2002 toyota corolla, but she'll be selling that soon to drive the corona on a daily basis.

as you can imagine, i'll be doing all the servicing on the corona...

i've previously spent a lot of time on the camry section as i used to have a sedan and a couple of wagons (all gen3). i also used to have an ST162 celica.

i am a tradesman motor mechanic and i look forward to contributing in discusions regarding general maintenance, but i don't do any modification work. just not interested in that.

i'm 33 and i live in Brisbane, Australia, but born in Peru.



EDIT: car is now registered. here's a pic we took just before taking it to get a roadworthy certificate yesterday:

helicopters rule 04-12-2009 08:55 AM

Hey to u other Corona owners.I own 3 Toyotas.'89 Supra Turbo w/built 7MGTE & big hairdryer w/ 5 speed ,'79 4Dr Corona w/20R & 5 speed.& '80 Celica ST w/22R w/ 5speed.Will be in touch!!!

Kevin Gailey 05-05-2009 01:56 PM

Hi, my name is Kevin and my first car in 1984 was a 67 Corona 3 on the tree, except for the boat like handling around corners, I loved the car. I just picked up a 68 white 4 door with 3 on the tree I am going to go through. I also own a 2006 Camry, 1991 325i, and 2 Hond 600's.

I live in the Sacramento area and will be needing parts and advice in the future. I am versed in BMW 2002's and have had 4 of them, I look forward to getting my hands dirty.

Kevin Gailey

helicopters rule 05-10-2009 05:56 AM

Hey there Kevin,
Just read your bio.2 Honda 600's.COOL!Got pics?) Hell haven't seen any of them for ever.
helicopters rule

c2j2009 05-10-2009 07:11 AM

Hey I'm Chris, 20 years old and I live down in Adelaide, Australia. I have owned 2 Toyota's in my lifetime. The first was a 1986 Corolla and I now currently own a 1992 Toyota Corona. Here's a link to them:

I'm new to getting into modifications and stuff but plan to try and gain knowledge so I can use it on my Corona :P

pepsx12 05-15-2009 05:19 PM

hey im peps and i just got a 69 corona mk2 and i will be needing a lot of parts for it so yeah oh yeah im from so cal
alternator anyone??

URIELFIVE 07-21-2009 12:32 AM

Hello from Chicago
Hello im the new guy. I own a 1969 Toyota Corona and a 1992 Toyota Previa. I have owned many toyotas during my life. I own a very successful import repaire facility in Chicago. Iv been extremly busy the past few years and have lost touch with the toyota enthusiest in me. Hoping to get back into it.

kylefoto 07-21-2009 08:51 PM

Another new guy.
Two 79 Rona's, a wagon and a 4 door.
4 door is the daily, rebuilt 20r, cam, weber, 5 spd swapped, supra rims, cut springs, the basics.
Wagon has a 2jz/R154 and a ford 8.8 in the rear, not running yet. Might be parting it, not too sure.
Had a supra and cressida as well.
Big Toyota enthusiast, all I've ever driven and I work at a dealer. haha.

whatsacorona? 08-07-2009 04:07 PM

hey folks, im Brett. New here and just bought a 76 corona 4door with the 20r engine and 5 speed tranny.

glad to know im not the only one driving one of these things.

ddf101 08-30-2009 05:08 PM

New owner of 78 corona....
Hello, My name is Domingo I'm a member of several ther forums because I've own just all the toyotas (except the land cruiser) since the late 70's. Yes, im way up there.
have a small business of dealing with vintage modern furniture from the 50's up[ to the 70's.

WE used to have a '76 back in my homeland(Philippines) and sure was coo t drive. the car with 12r engine

Recently sold my 1974 celica with 18rg and then happen to stumble upon this on the side road in central tucson. Here's my new ride.

Check out the album on how she look when I found her. Interior is shot and missing parts so I will be looking for some. I have a 72 celica parts car so if anyone on the board need anything just email and maybe we can do trade or something. thanks.

unfortunately my 78 corona is no longer with me. she got totaled but most parts that you see here are now transplanted into my current projet. a 73 corolla.

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