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JimCorollaF2019 05-05-2019 10:57 AM

Headlight Casting a Shadow
I just bought a Corolla 2019 and it has one issue that is very distracting when driving at night. The driver side has a "shadow" effect at the outer reaches of the light beam. You can see it in the included photo looking out on the driver side. I think I know what it is since the second photo shows two funky dark spots when I shine the lights against my garage door. I think the shadow is the dark spot. Does anyone know how to fix? I took this issue to my dealer service and he hadn't come across the issue even though I showed him the picture.

SupremeCorolla451 05-09-2019 11:18 AM

Your photo links don't seem to be working. I'd recommend hosting images on Imgur. However, I'd guess that there is a dirt spot on the headlight lens which is causing the shadow.

JimCorollaF2019 05-09-2019 07:44 PM

Thanks for trying to help and I apologize about the bad photo link. The link should work now and if you look at the pics you'll see that it's not any dirt. It looks to be the way the lights are made or how they focus. There must be some way to adjust. I'm a bit puzzled since the passenger side doesn't seem to have the same issue on the road even though it has the "shadow" on the garage door. Could be alignment. I'm not sure what it is, but it can't be right.

Natebraack 05-14-2019 11:49 PM

I just bought a 2019 corolla and I am having the same problem! Have you found a fix? I have tried to adjust the headlights for a few hours with no luck. PLEASE HELP

I drive a lot at night and I can’t live with this.

JimCorollaF2019 05-16-2019 06:09 AM

I sent the issue to my salesman who forwarded to the service department head, but I haven't heard back yet. I will definitely follow-up and try to get an answer. I'm a bit discouraged that you're also having the issue since it's starting to look like a design flaw. I can't believe that Toyota would allow such a problem to be widespread, so I'm hoping there is a solution.

spedison 05-16-2019 02:43 PM

i looked at the beam pattern, that is normal for that type of headlight. without that "shadow" you would be blinding oncoming traffic

if you are having issues with seeing at night then check the height adjustment of the headlights (or have the dealer do it) and use the "auto high beams" function

JimCorollaF2019 05-16-2019 10:04 PM

If you are talking about the "light beam pattern" against the garage door in the picture, since the pattern is both on the driver side and the passenger side, I think you are correct that it looks to be part of the design. However, I still cannot believe that the shadow being cast on the driver's side in the picture is part of how Toyota intended the light beam to be cast into the street. I"m also not sure about what you mean when referring to "that type of headlight". If you mean a light based on LED technology, I own a few other cars and have driven others that have "LED" technology and none have a beam field that is interrupted with a "shadow" for the intention that it prevents blinding other drivers. Also, I don't have an issue seeing things with the lights but rather the light pattern is very, very distracting and I have never observed any such similar issue with headlights. In every other car I have driven, the outer perimeter of the light beam has always been uniform across the field of vision.

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