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Let us know all about yourself and your car. Break the ice in here.
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Toyota Passenger and Sports Car Forums

Celica Forum

Forum for all Toyota Celica discussion! Including the ST16x/18x/20x, and ZZT230/231.
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  • 14.6M

Corona Forum

Specific discussion of the Toyota Corona
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  • 1.1M

Cressida Forum

No one can deny the Cressida has a solid platform. A cult Toyota classic.
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Matrix Forum

Specific discussion of the Toyota Matrix!
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MR2 Forum

Forum for every generation Toyota MR2. Including the AW11 and SW20.
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Supra Forum

Forum for all Toyota Supra generations.
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Tercel, Paseo, Starlet, and Sera Forum

Discussion area for Tercel, Paseo, Starlet, and Sera
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Toyota FT-1 Forum

Discussion Forum for the new Toyota FT-1.
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Toyota FT-86 Forum

Discussion Forum for the new Toyota FT-86.
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Venza Forum

A place for Toyota’s crossover SUV, the Venza
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Yaris/Scion iA, Vitz and Echo Forum

Discussion area for all the Toyota Yaris/Scion iA, Echo, and Vitz owners worldwide.
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Toyota Truck, SUV and Van Forums

Toyota C-HR

Discussions for the new Toyota C-HR
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Toyota TRD Pro

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FJ Cruiser Forum

Discussion forum for the new FJ Cruiser!
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  • 1.9M

Hilux (Pickup) Forum

Dedicated forum for the Toyota Pickup (Hilux)
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Land Cruiser Forum

Dedicated Land Cruiser discussion forum.
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Previa Forum

Discussion area for the (discontinued) Toyota Previa.
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Sequoia Forum

Discussion area for the large Sequoia SUV.
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T-100 Forum

Discussion forum for the short-lived but extremely popular Toyota T-100 model.
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Van Forum (1984-1989)

Specific discussion of the Toyota Van. 1984 to 1989.
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Truck Show & Share

Here you can share pictures of your beautiful Toyota Trucks!
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Toyota Division and International Models Forums

Lexus Forum

Discussion on everything Lexus
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International Model Forum

A forum for Toyota models sold worldwide, but with with different names from models sold in North America.
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Toyota Hybrid Forum
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Camry Hybrid

Discussion area for the Toyota Camry Hybrid. Topics of discussion range from fuel economy, safety, modifications, performance all involving Americas favorite family car, the Toyota Camry.
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Corolla Hybrid

Discussion area for the Toyota Corolla Hybrid. Topics of discussion range from fuel economy, safety, modifications, and performance.
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Lexus Hybrid

Discussion area for the Lexus hybrids, GS, RX, HS and LS.
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RAV4 Hybrid

A discussion forum for all model years of the RAV4 Hybrid.
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Toyota Nation Forums

Toyota News

News and discussion related to the Toyota family brand.
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General Discussion

General discussion of basically anything automotive-related.
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Fuel Economy

Forum for people to discuss their mileage and ways to improve it.
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Hardcore Tech and Competition

Strictly HARDCORE tech info and questions and also autocross / racing discussion!
18.7K 6M
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Tire, Wheel, Brake & Suspension

Tire, Wheel, Brake & Suspension Forum
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Toyota Recalls

Find out about the history of your next vehicle and learn how to track the history of your current vehicle.
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Audio, Video, and Security - Tech

For the electro-techies and the bass heads.
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Detailing & Car Care

Discuss detailing techniques and products for your Toyota here!
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Show & Share

A place to share pictures and videos with the rest of the community.
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Neighborhood Watch

NEW Report thefts and crimes here!
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Toyota News & Site News

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Toyota Polls & Site Polls

This forum contains Toyota Polls and Site Polls - the polls posted in here appear on the front page. Only Administrators and Super Moderators may start new polls in this area.
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New Car Reviews

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Supporting Vendor Sales

Special sales, group buys and product announcements from our supporting vendors.
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For Sale

Got some used stuff lying around? Need to buy or sell? Come on in. NO SPAM! and its staff members are not responsible for anything that is traded or sold in the Commerce forums. If you choose to sell, buy, or trade in these forums you do so at your own risk. Please use common sense when you participate in these transactions/deals. If you encounter problems with another member regarding a deal/sale, please take the issue up with that person and, in a worst case scenario, contact the local police where your buyer/seller/trader lives. So remember, BUYER BEWARE--BUY AND SELL AT YOUR OWN RISK!!!
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Feedback: Buyers, Sellers, Vendors, etc.

Want to bitch about Toyota. Transaction gone bad? Want to vouch for someone? Post your feedback towards Toyota corporate, shops, or individual buyers and sellers.
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Vendor Member Section

Vendor Deals

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Borla Performance Industries

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Diode Dynamics

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Discount Tire

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HP Tuners

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Norwalk Toyota

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Underdog Racing Development

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Regional Forums
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  1. Pre-88 Toyota Pickup/Hilux
    Dear TN, I’m getting ready to rebuild the W52 transmission in my 1983 pickup. But first an aside: According to Wikipedia this transmission was used in Australia from 1984-88. And I’ve found mention here at ToyotaNation about the W52 being used in Australia. And I don’t dispute any of that...
  2. Corolla 11th Gen Sedan 2014-19, Scion iM 2016-18
    Hi there, I'm curious about the following. My corolla has the push to start button. Is there any way for me to program a spare remote myself? Or is it really a dealer only option as people claim. While we're at it-mine currently has 16k miles. Anything I should do to help ensure it's...
  3. Camry 8th Generation (2018+)
    Automate - $699 Tint - $399 Door Edge Guards - $299 Nitro RD/HZRD - $199 What is "Automate"? Thanks!
  4. Tundra 3rd Generation (2014+)
    Just bought a new Tunda DC 2WD after driving an '06 Tundra DC TRD for 14 years. One of the first things I noticed about the new Tundra is the feedback thru the steering wheel from any tire/wheel deflection, whether you're driving offroad or hit any mild pot hole or bump in the road surface. My...
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