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2003 Corolla auto trans SOLENOID

2003 Corolla auto trans SOLENOID

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Hi All,
HELP!! I'm desperate !! ;o)
I have the Valve Body out of the Trans
and I'm ready to Test the Solenoid
If I can just figure out how to safely !! :eek:)
As far as I can figure out,
I need to power it up with 12 volts
with a 1amp fuse in the + line.
iF anyone knows for sure, I could really use the assistance ! ;o)
Here's a picture of it:

Hi All,
New member here.
I am pulling a P0707 code on my early 2003 Corolla.
I have read a lot of posts here on this code, but i haven't found a definitive one on testing the Solenoids.
I have read 12 volts straight off of a car battery,
9 volts off of one of the small, square 9v batteries and also,
12 volts with a headlight and fuse in line with the probes.

This all started, because I wanted to get to know my Corolla a little better and to be able to do my own maintenance as much as possible.
So,,, I changed my own Transmission Fluid.
Problem was I didn't read the instructions on the gasket/filter(screen) package
and I used RTV sealant which dissolved into my tranny fluid and as far as I can guess,
( unless caused by a different coincidental problem )
set off my CEL light.
Auto Zone says it's a P0770 Transmission Solenoid Code.

Has anyone Here Tested these Solenoids?
My worry is testing them without burning them out!
How does Toyota do it?

If I understand correctly, there are 4 solenoids in the bottom side of the Trans.
And One Overdrive locking Solenoid on the Top?

What is the correct procedure?

Thanks so much in advance for your help !!!


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