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  • Mojave- ·
    I have read your thread regarding Philips X-treme Ultinon LED H4 Headlight Bulb Review. I am in the habit of driving with my low beams on at all time when i am driving my 2009 Tacoma and as such purchase about a pair of headlights a year. I am trying to figure out if it is economical to continue with my path of spending about $25.00 a year of purchasing the LEDs.

    What is your opinion on this subject?

    RightThere ·
    I'm looking to purchase a set of DSM Bilstein Front and Rear 5100 for my 2007. I saw a post where you indicated you have a discount code. Any chance I can get it from you?

    ewcurran89 ·
    Hey I'm new to this forum and when I posted a question. I posted my toyota pickup under the t-100 got it confused new to totyota's. Anyway it was brought to my attention by another member and he suggested I contact you. To see if at all possible my question be moved to the correct forum.
    kosmo ·
    2000 4 RUNNER when aplying brakes drivers dash turn arrow turns on. When making left turn flasher stops working when braking. Fuses, bulbs are good. Please help.
    I did not say to pm me...I said to pm him (BenWA). I have nothing to do with the sales of those kits. I was just trying to point you in the right direction. I forwarded the PM you sent me to BenWA...
    Chili-pepper ·
    Hello 08TRDOFFROAD, New to this but thanks for replying to my question on how to purchase the TACO rear sliding window. You said to PM you for info on how to order so I hope this is what I'm doing. Let me know how to order it please. Love the mod, AWESOME!
    Villa Fan ·
    Thanks for that.
    I'm new to this so I didn't realize that my posting was not going to the Highlander forum.
    Not sure how I direct my post there?
    I just assumed that my post would go there as I am a member of that forum.
    JimBowNut ·
    Hey TRD.....saw your Avator on Tacoma forum and had to say 'HEY'........Shot that Carbon Element a couple months ago and MAN !, I packed those arrows tight as the end of your thumb (tight as u please). Went away from Hoyt quite some years ago when Martin made deals I couldn't refuse with a club-shooters deal, but I'm now having flashbacks to when I shot tournaments with the Hoyt Spectre 5000.....I haven't shot that good in a long time so as soon as I can I will be having another Hoyt !

    Well that's enough....Seeya on the forum...

    TacomaTRD06 ·
    hey i tried the dtrl mod with parts listed on my 06 sport but nothing changed.....any suggestions or have u heard this happening? i plugged everything in bc i still have flashers and blinkers etc
    Chris22 ·
    08TRD... sorry to PM you but I need to dig down on some new tires. Being a tacoma nube I still dont have a grasp on offset and backspacing. In any case, I really want the Nitto Dune Grapplers but the closest size to stock (265/65R17) is 285/70R17. It is only 1.15" in diameter bigger and 0.79" wider. We are talking minor here but again I am not sure about the rubbing. Any advice?
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