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  • 09Camree ·
    Nvm just read the message below this lol still wanna do a meet lmk what you think or if you know of any coming up
    09Camree ·
    Yooo man was just looking up some stuff on independent fog lights and saw you had an interest was just curious if you figured it out. Also I wanna do a meet with some local toyota owners lmk what you thinks thanks man

    Kycamrymaker ·
    To do this is to simply plug your FL connections to your HL and vice versa. Your light switch will then work opposite for HL and FL functions. Thus you will not be able to just run with HL and no fogs anymore. The wire from your FL's is set with a clip on the back of each end of the front reinforcement(metal bumper under the plastic) you will have to pop that clip in order to enable the connection to reach up to the headlight. The HL's have a slide n grip clip on the back of the light that will have to be pulled to reach the FL's. Many ppl flame over this method as it's free and "not the right way" this I have never made the post of how to DIY. If you need any extra help feel free to email me at [email protected] and I will try my best. Also, it's a lot easier to take the front bumper cover off to do this and it will only take about a half hour with removal. Bank on more time trying to get it done with it on. Thanks!
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