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  1. Airbag / SRS DTC or Error Code (B1643)

    Venza Forum
    Check wires at the door to body.... they are small wires and prone to breaking due to flexing. Check for other posts here for power window issues
  2. Venza Spark Plug Replacement

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    Are the intake seals a need or just as a extra to do on this ??? John mac
  3. Windows not working

    Venza Forum
    Sorry to get you to recheck the wires in the rubber .... a sign that only a led light and no operation is a good sign of a broken wire... go further to the door post. These power window/ door lock switches are not powering the devices directly... they send signals to the computer to operate the...
  4. Power Windows

    Venza Forum
    Fun to find !! Welcome
  5. Power Windows

    Venza Forum
    Had same issue.. 2013... found 1 nicked wire in bundle... dont know how it got nicked... from factory ?? You have to pull rubber boot off frame and check wires inside it for broken wire. These are communication wires for the computer to operate locks and windows. Happy hunting. John Mac