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  • jimrigot ·

    I am looking for a web viewable, or pdf, service manual for 1995 Previa. Is there one archived or linked to on the site?

    Texas Pedro ·
    I'm a Luddite, so I find forums a bit confusing.
    Can someone tell me where I find all the "stickys" for Gen 2 Avalon please?
    They seem like the logical place to start for maintenance issues.
    randy976 ·
    I've started having a problem when attempting to access a forum. I keep getting the message " is not responding due to a long running script."

    I can eventually stop the running script and then the forum pages work fine... until I get the message again. I don't have this problem on any other sites so I don't think it is caused by any of my computer settings.

    Can you help? Thanks in advance.
    japher ·
    Hi, could you possibly delete my account please? I sold my Toyota many moons ago and I can't find a way to do it through the control panel. I found the 'delete my account' thread which seems to end with the advice of PM'ing an admin.
    nickbp ·
    Hi There,

    This is Nick. I am a representative of BulletProof Suspensions. I registered here today and wanted to formally introduce myself.

    My goal here is not to advertise or break any of the forum's rules. We just want to be there when someone has questions or interests on our products.

    We also have a lot more plans which I would like to discuss with you directly and only start posting after your reply.

    Nick Sanchez
    Skype: nick.naveed
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Drummerhowie ·
    I just did the head gasket kit on my '94 Toyota pickup 22re motor and lost the two bolts for the heated water pipe under the manifold. What is the size of these two bolts?
    camry hybrid driver ·
    My old ID was camry hybrid driver, I sold the Camry and now have an Avalon and got a new account as TAH Owner. It has been suggested that the ID could be changed on my old account to TAH Owner and I wouldn't lose the posts on that account. If this is the best route to take, please do so. Please let me know if I need to do anything. Thanks
    AirWolf ·
    Hi there;

    Will you please delete my account has I have not owned a toyota for some time. Please delete all user info...

    User Name = AirWolf

    thanks in advance

    Giddapgo ·
    I want to delete my posts. When I click on "edit", edit/delete displays. Then, do not see where I can delete my post.
    jnkjeffers05 ·
    2002 Camry 4 cylinder.
    I've replace the o2 sensor the one in "Bank 1". I've cleared the check engine light three times now and it still comes on about 30 plus miles. Do I need to reset the ECU? Or replace the catalytic converter?
    wgdecampos ·
    Hello Everyone. We do have TOYOTAs in Brazil too! I am the proud owner of a 92 LE Corolla. However, I am seeking for help in order to solve a problem with it. I do hope this forum members will be able to help me through with this. Thank you for the very functional site and the volunteering spirit of its members.
    amvivaldi ·
    In rooting around on the web chasing a direct ignition coil problem on our 2007 Camry, I have noticed people complaining about a high failure rate of Toyota direct ignition coils across many models. Any chance of posting a poll that people can populate with year, model, engine, cylinder failure, mileage (separate entries for multiple failures?) to gather data? i think it would be useful to the entire community to see the trends. Thanks for considering it.
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