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  • asilven2334 ·
    hey man thanks again for the info on the Y-pipe . i just ordered mine today around lunch time. thanks again man. freaking pumped!
    ZARCOR ·
    Hi, how's it going? I've followed up on this thread and talked to Ryan today at MKC. Ordered the y pipe, but he tells there's only 1 version which is the original version. He mentioned that at one point the flex unit was installed in a different fashion on your vehicle. I'm not sure if this has anything to do with it, but what I'm trying to ask is if this has anything to do with the ground clearance issue that the first versions had. I'd like to get the pipe fabricated with the clearance issue addressed. Is there anything you can comment on this so as to properly approach MKC? They keep telling me there's only 1 version. I just got the invoice too and am about to pull the trigger on payment. Let me know please. You can email me direct if you'd like: [email protected]
    Thank you in advance.

    Area47 ·
    The y-pipe is built through here in the KC area. Ryan would be the one to contact for pricing and such. I'm just the idea guy that got the ball rolling.
    ll05 ·
    I came across a thread saying you have made a y-pipe for the v6. I have a 2012 se v6, and it's got some power, but I wouldn't mind a little more without the noise of mufflers. Can you provide some more info, pricing, etc?


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