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  • Michiganguy ·
    Can it take some time for the CEL to go off and stay off after cleaning/replacing the MAF and/or PCV Valve - or will it go off and stay off right away? I've read some things that say it can take as long as 50 miles. Thank you for all of your help.
    wrenchinrav6 ·
    i was referred to you by 'sweeneyp' on this topic of vvt rattle on the 2FE-GR engines. i just recently purchased a used 2007 RAV4 V6 with 100k miles and it has the infamous rattle on cold start ups. im currently replacing spark plugs and thought about testing the VVT actuators for resistance and cleaning them, also clean the VVT filter screens and add Seafoam to fuel system for a good cleaning and complete an oil change with high mileage to engine to help with deposits. What method did you use to eliminate the VVT rattle on cold start ups? also, what do you think about the Seafoam treatment with a little bit added to the engine oil before oil change?
    CT_highlander ·

    I have a 2006 Highlander LTD.
    The problem I'm having is with the front passenger side door look. Sometimes it locks sometimes it doesn't lock and sometimes it will lock half way.

    I have lubricated the door lock cable and that seams to work for awhile. But then goes back to the original problem.

    I read lots of stuff on this topic about replacing the motor or the whole actuator. And you mentioned a fuse resistance issue in your reply to one thread. Would that cause it to work intermittently?

    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
    OUS ·
    Did you see "calif" on the Gen 3 forum told the world that Texas is flat and dry? That was his explaination as to why many Texas dealers have a majority of FWD Highlanders on their lots. Ya gotta love him.

    Old Uncle Steve
    maxilander ·
    I just finished reading the UOA on 2GR-FE with Toyota Synthetic 0w20 thread. An interesting and spirited discussion. A good read. Have a good one! Scott.
    Chrismc ·
    Thank you for the excellent comments about the problems with the ribbon cable behind the knob on the A/C controls. My wife has a highlander with the auto climate control. The temperature control got stuck on 75 and would not change by rotating the knob. After reading your posts ( and some others) I took out the unit and checked the ribbon cable. Sure enough one of the three wires was broken, took out the ribbon cable and soldered in some wire jumpers and everything works fine now. Saved me a couple of hundred dollars, so thanks again.
    edleroy ·
    I have located the sensor its downstream of the CC. The wire runs into the car just under the drivers seat. I guess , pulling the carpet up will exposed the sensor connector, which I can check to see if the sensor heater is open or has the correct ohm reading? If I find the sensor to be bad, I have read that the Toyota part is the best replacement choice. Please comment if my two guess are the best rout to take?
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