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  • h20wakebum ·
    Hi there,

    I am really impressed with the job you did!

    I am looking to update my 2007 Camry with a similar setup (as i want stock components with bluetooth and steering wheel capabilities).

    Do you have any pointers for the best approach? Such as, did you create a list of steps/parts etc?

    I really appreciate your help.

    baileyw813 ·
    check the rest of the thread since you asked me this question. Looks like since you've asked another member wrote out an even better followup than I. Any more questions let me know.
    Pacifica ·
    I was wondering where did you get the bluetooth controls for your new VDF radio? Because I want to get the Bluetooth streaming to work since the ipod usb is not an option. I also have a JBL stock radio and was wondering if everything worked out well for you.

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