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  • sdspeed ·
    Hi Earl,
    Was wondering what oil you use since your running a high mileage (understatement) engine.
    Gonna do some preventive maint. and was considering going with a blend in say a 5-30w
    Never ran a full synthetic and truck currently doesn't leak. Any thoughts or stick with my 25 years of Valvoline 10-30w?Drive train was clean when I did the valve cover gaskets not long ago.

    Hope all is well and your staying out of the heat and Texas humidity while staying as busy as you like to be!
    All the best,
    sdspeed ·
    Hey Earl,
    Yeah that's what I've read in the past, so going with a 1998 ECM is a no brainer. Is there a difference in the TB between years besides p/n's?
    Do you know of a source for a wiring diagram that shows the ECM pin designations.
    Could I just take the harness from a 1998? I wonder if It incorporates more than my 1995? or as I mentioned just piggy back on my 1995 ECM and use the 98' for engine management.
    sdspeed ·
    Hey BZP,
    Hope all's well in Texas. A couple questions, no hurry just if you get bored!
    My 1995 missed the proper ECM for the supercharger by 1 year and I find it odd that I can't find anybody on a variety of forums who have successfully put the supercharger on a 1995.
    Guys at URD didn't even think it was possible

    Couldn't a guy piggy back the later ecm for the engine management only? Mines a 5speed that might make it easier since I don't think the ECM interacts with it at all.
    Anyway is there an issue with the TB as well or just the ECM?
    Also on an ECM do you know what the designations on the bottom of this label mean?
    34P, 22P, 16P, 28P
    I noticed that all the info on the 95-98 ecm's for my 2wd are the same except of course the P/N.
    QuiteDeep ·
    Good morning Bam!

    I've come to realize that my '97 T100 isn't being driven anymore. I'm keeping it around because I love it to pieces, but the costs of having it available are too high. My friends have all bought trucks, so I can call in some markers whenever I need the utility.

    My question for you is, how would you go about selling a T100 like mine in todays market?

    1997 T-100 4X4 SR5 Ex-cab. 150k mi, two tone Pewter and black in excellent condition. Snugtop camper has been vinyl wrapped to color match, but the vinyl is discoloring. RAS springs were installed for a couple years, but are currently off/in storage.

    Please let me know what you think, I appreciate your time.
    [email protected]
    sjbtahoe ·
    Think your correct on the ECU multiple wire melted together from coils to Igniter.
    Found the correct ignitor used from my salvage guy for $25 ordered and on its way as well as new ignition electrical switch figured truck has 420K on it and if im pulling the connector and testing it im replacing it.
    More news later.
    sdspeed ·
    Hey BZP, Hope your well.
    I noticed this posters problem and your more of a talent with electrical issues than I am and as a moderator maybe it needs to be posted elsewhere on the forum. Not sure.
    I could fix this if it was in my driveway buy I'd fail at explaining the repair.
    3 separate spades with appropriate guage wire or a connector from ebay but I don't know which 3 pin style connector she has on the new alternator. Both types of repairs would work.
    Wonder if she determine what the cause of the original fire was?
    Anyway, Thanks
    fittvrjr ·
    I'm going over to the shop today and check that 15amp fuse. I changed the filter on my Gray truck and it was a pain for me. Regardless I'll do whatever it takes to get it started so I can continue to work on the P0402 code. The shop said they did a smoke test to find leaky vacuum hoses. Got to get out my volt/ohm meter and check some readings for the VSV as well as the EGR solenoid. I do want to thank you for your expertise in helping me get this truck running again. Vern
    royking ·
    please I wish to ask you if you have any idea on how to fix the ABS light on your car. I have a toyota corolla verso 2005 model, when i start the engine and drive like 4 km, the ABS light comes on.
    Also the VSC and TRC light comes on.
    Do you have any idea how I can diagnose these problem.
    JimBowNut ·
    Hey Bam!

    Do you know anybody here that has a parts truck (T-truck 2.7L) to buy salvage parts from?

    I need the lower portion of the air breather box for a good friend who is old and not computer literate. I'd appreciate it! TIA.


    EDIT: 2.7L
    CreoX ·
    I do like your AC mod with covering low pressure line with rubber foam & tape.
    Few questions though:
    You covered only the low pressure flexible hose running from compressor to the forward firewall or somewhere else?
    I am thinking to utilize that idea also on my Ford, so that way I will have all good AC by this winter in Oregon :)


    PS. Just a thought... what if you'd also foam wrap high pressure lines & dryer?
    achechi1165 ·
    Hey Bam, you seem very knowledge about this stuff. hoping you could help.

    So i bought the 2006 Tundra Double cab 4wd... the front end rides lower then the back i want to level but don't know what i need or what to look for i see leveling kits but I'm lost... any help would be greatly appreciated...
    gmcknight ·
    Did your T100 door handle repair last? I've gone through two cheap after market models, was considering either your repair or biting bullet for original part. Thanks!
    JimBowNut ·
    Good Morning Bam,

    I am on a quest to do something about my PCV Valve that is bound up a little bit w the oil vapor filtration system I have on it. Because of this binding I have a slight oil seepage. It is just an irritant, no BD, but I believe a right angle PCV Valve will help some. However, The only ones that are right angle in "toyota world" seem to be for V-6 engines. I'm concerned a little about vacuum specs. Is there any? I've never seen any for a PCV Valve & am just wondering if there is any difference at all.

    Your thoughts?

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