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  • T1002X ·
    Hey Bam, I ended up getting energy suspension sway bar bushings, and end links but i might have gotten the wrong ones :(

    part numbers: 9.8103G end links
    9.5112G Bushings
    did I get the right ones?? if not ill return them. Thanks im a 96 2wd xtracab
    fittvr ·
    Hey Bam, Was wondering if you could help me with an SRS issue. 1996 T100 with a 2.7 two wheel drive base model. My SRS light is on and when I tried pulling a code there were none to be found. No repair manual so I have no idea on where to start looking. Thanks, Vern
    Blackstepside05 ·
    hey Bam...I got a 96 4runner auto, sometimes the key wont turn off...I rock the truck back and forth then it will turn off...what do you think is wrong...thanks for your wisdom Toy Yoda
    moebiius ·
    Bam, I read on a thread that you have a parts t100, would love to get some help with the following:

    Steering wheel (4 spoke in sea breeze blue? I don't need the airbag but I am looking for a leather cladded wheel rather than the vinyl since mine is pretty much chewed up and I would like to have the factory look rather than getting the wheelskins wrap that doesn't cover the spokes.

    passenger side AC vent in black

    plastic cover for the passenger side seat (captain's chairs & color doesn't matter)

    speaker cover / grill for the drivers side door panel (color doesn't matter but would love to get a sea breeze blue version)

    rubber seals for the door jambs (extra cab)

    if you have the original floor mats, a traced set made of of paper bags would really be appreciated! or if you have a set I would like to purchase these from you.

    sea breeze blue carpet for the cabin for an extra cab.

    Please let me know if you can help me out with these bits
    Thank you kindly
    rdhaworth ·
    1994 4runner 4wd auto v6, no check engine, A/T oil, or OD light on. The truck will only go into overdrive when temp gauge is around 2/3, and if truck cools down, even just a little bit, it will shift back out. Wondering how to test the trans coolant sensor. Are they known to go out or do you think I could have a faulty connection or shorted wire. Thanks in advance.
    ronway77 ·
    bam one more question, is the sensor that decodes the speedometer cable at the instrument cluster end is it optical or magnetic detection, I'm thinking I saw an overabundance of grease on the cable so I'm thinking the detection unit inside the cluster is probably covered in grease preventing an accurate reading of the rotation of the speedo cable....
    ronway77 ·
    Hey Bam, Thanks for your help. I've got a problem that has came back, I have a 97 T100 4x4 auto trans, with the 3400 v6, anyway occasionally the speedometer will peg out showing your doing 100+ mph when you're only going 25 or so, I've replaced the speed sensor that is mounted on top of the transmission, and it went away for awhile, it came back when I took the instrument cluster out to replace the 4wd light bulb, I disconnected/reconnected the cable without any issue, repairs also made during this event were I reconnected the electrical wires to the front diff electrica lock solenoid, and cleaned the vent which was plugged with dirt...any help would be appreciated...also I noticed while reading the manual that the transfer case has a vehicle speed sensor with a gear drive on it, ...guess I don't understand why it would need two sensors unless one was for abs or something...any help would be appreciated
    moh2o ·
    Hello Bam, I have a 96 T100 xtra cab, 4x4 w/3.4v6 5spd.
    Hey the brakes have been a constant problem. I had them done at Les Schwabs tire center. They have pulsating at any speed now. Rotors are warped, and I am a good driver, I drive manual fire engine, class b lic. I dont ride my brakes, ever.
    They also seem like they are dragging, (the front rotors done spin freely). Do you have any links to the best discussions on this issue?
    I am sure this has been addressed before , as it seems like a common t100 problem.
    '95T100TN ·
    hey bam, i've been reading over the past week all the posts i can find about burping the cooling systems of our t100's. i've got a 95 3.4 v6 4x4 xtra cab. i'm pretty sure my cooling system needs to be burped; its doing the same thing as it did two years ago when the system accidentally got burped going over a mountain pass and driving thru lots of hairpins; once it burped itself, the temp gauge never moved again and stayed exactly where it always stays - just left of center. i cant seem to find anywhere in this forum the specifics on how to do this. can you help?
    eric ( '95T100Tn )
    kevin graves ·
    Bam, I would like to post up some pictures of my T. I've done it by including a link to my Photobucket account but would rather post the pictures in the reply/thread directly. Is it as simple as copy and paste? if so how do you get the proper size with titles. Hate to bother you with something I so simple, but you seem to the go to guy at this site.



    bmadrid13 ·
    hey buddy ive been on here before adn it looks like you have alot of knowledge about your t100, ive got a 1996 SR5 and just replaced the gaskets on it, and ever since that happened my truck idels at 0. and its only in the morning time. it also takes a long time for it to start up any idea what it could be?
    t100bro ·
    Bamzippow, thanks for the reply, I went ahead and ordered a set or sway away 4wd torsions, they arrive mid next week, ill see if I can make it happen and update you as to the success or failure of said project.
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