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  • TrailDust ·
    Interesting. You've never used your private messaging system?

    Depends on which method you use to view the forums as far as how to check your inbox. I use Classic view, and in Classic you click on Your Notifications located just under your user name in the box to the upper right of any forum page, then click on Unread Private Messages from the drop-down menu. If you view with the mobile view let me know and I can provide you those details. The message is more or less outdated now, but it was still something at the time the staff felt necessary to communicate.
    TrailDust ·
    Just a reminder that I sent you a private message on April 21, and the notification system indicates you have not read it to this date. Please check your inbox. Thanks.
    okpara ·
    [email protected] Blackness you provided me with some very helpful information which I was very appreciative off, however from that time i have had a little incident with my harness where wire that goes on Terminal M on the alternator broke, now my question is will my alternation still charge at it's full capacity with out ECM monitoring functionality, until I have harness repaired
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