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  • kmubarek ·
    thanks bro once again for more information .now plz can u able to give me tony the tiger contact num or his id or email .thanks bro waiting for ur reply
    kmubarek ·
    thanks bro for the information .actually i have a garage and i like to make the car modified to make it special .now i want some solution to do some thing only with the car ecu of nissen petrol and toyota land cruiser to increase the hp of the cars .and cold u plz tell me from where i will get inside ecu diagram od nissen petrol 4.8 vtec and toyota land cruiser 2005 6 cylinder thanks .
    kmubarek ·
    hi plz can any 1 tell me how to reprogram the car ecu to icreae the horse power of the car by my self .my car is toyota land cruiser 2005 6 cylinder thanks .
    TPXX ·
    I just bought a 2004 XA with 85000 miles on it, and was looking for any good info on maintenance. The titile of this thread says mega sticky of useful info but there does not appear to be any? There are three post that only have a period in the comments. Any help? Thanks!
    Lextacy ·
    What's up man, I met you at I.A. I had that Green GS300. Just joined the thread and ready to get some modifications going haha
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