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  • Yotasinthefamily ·
    Thanks for the info. I finished the install tonight and I have major issues. #1 only the unlock button works. #2 and more importantly now the car won't start and no accessories will turn on. The remote start button will turn the car over and turn the accessories on while cranking but the car won't start. I am not sure what to do, ugh.
    Yotasinthefamily ·
    Hello, I saw your post about installing the scytek galaxy 5000rs system on your camry and I am about to install the same system on my 97 camry. Do you have any specific tips or pitfalls that you remember and how long did it take you?
    The reason I ask is because you mentioned in the post that you should have extra relays with you as well. Could you elaborate on what type of relay (maybe a link). Thanks so much in advance for your help.

    vdunigan ·
    Hello, can you please email me back to let me know if the P0773 code came back on for your Camry? I have a '97 Avalon (110k) and I am considering changing the oxygen sensor (bank 1 sensor 1) in the hope the P0773 code will clear. Thanks
    jacksonvilletoyota ·
    Re: your post about your 94 Camry stalling while driving

    Did you ever fix the problem? I just invested money in the coils, sparkplugs and gasket being cleaned and it is still running weak. About to buy a used igniter, but wanted some confidence that it will fix the problem? What did you do? Did it work?

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