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  • cdhodgdon ·
    The ones I have now are these,

    The original ones I had were, (again currently unavailable)

    I did end up changing my front turn signals to LED's as well. I did clear/amber switchbacks, so they are white while driving and flash amber when the turn signal is on. These are the ones I bought, they are ready to plug in and go.
    cdhodgdon ·
    The original ones I bought have the resistor build into the bulb itself, no extra wires, for the rear turn signals, but at this time, they are not available on Amazon (but I do link to the page below). I order a different set about 2 weeks ago, not because the other ones failed, but because I was rear-ended and they totaled out my HL and I could not retrieve those lights, which is why I found the are out of stock. I have linked to the ones I ordered and they work just as good and they also contain a resistor in the bulb housing, so no extra wires and such.

    Using the ones I now have in the back or the prior ones, you can use either a regular bulb up front or use the pre-wired resistor front bulbs that I have linked to at the bottom.

    Links are in next post (it says that my post was too long)
    17_highlander_se ·
    Hi there!
    I was reading your post from about a year ago where you were describing your tests of the LED bulbs in the front and rear of your HL. One thing that caught my interest was where you said the following:

    "Well I placed it into the rear housing and replaced the front bulb with the original factory incandescent bulb and it actually works correctly, with normal flash speed at the front and back."

    In your situation, was the rear bulb one of the standard LED bulbs WITHOUT the built in resistor and you did NOT have one of those additional "wire splice" resistors installed on the same side? If so, I'm curious if you found a workaround where you can at least install a "non-resistor modded" LED to at least one side of the vehicle (either front or back) but you would need to leave a regular bulb on that side of the other end of the vehicle to prevent hyperflash... Also, please provide a link to the bulb you were using when you made this discovery.

    Many thanks!
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