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  • Andrew Robinson ·
    I've been chasing down lean codes, misfies, starting problems, and failing to start for a couple of years now and I think it may be the ECU acting up given all of the things I've replaced and still symptoms are occurring. I found your post titled "Double DIY: Replace your ECU/Remove your glovebox" but I can't seem to see any of the images on the post. I know this is strange, but would you happen to have them still that you could send or report them? I'm hoping to replace my computer myself to avoid paying someone over $1200 to do it.


    Inagawa ·
    Hey, you should check out the new 3rd gen Camry forum, we need more fellow uses and admins "Admins Email [email protected]", to pick it up off the ground. so sign up and post your project, ask questions, and share your knowledge. The page is still under construction but its ready for the public, so go check it out.
    johnk182 ·
    Hey Chris, are you still parting out the 97 camry? Is the cat back still available? Any pictures and price?
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