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  • 03 corolla hmm ·
    hey charlie saw your comment in a thread about it being possible to replace the crankshaft in a 1zzfe (i have an 03 corolla) while engine is still in the car? was curious if i am misunderstanding? it looks like you have to split the transmission off? and then idk if there would be any play to slide the crank out? it seems like its not possible but i havent tried yet, thanks for any help
    tychen ·
    Dear Sir, where are you in Florida? If you happen to be around Tallahassee, my Highlander 2008 has abs issues that needs service.
    Edmund ·
    I did a epoxy fix on my upper center console drawer hinges over a year ago. The hinge pins broke off. I followed one TN members fix. But now the epoxy is beginning to pull away. I feel the epoxy fix may fail due to wear and tear.
    Do you know if any TN members or yourself have tried PVC solvent or ABS solvent cement with success? A plumber recommended these solvents. The plumber explained - the solvents used sparingly softens the plastic, melting it. From there you could build up/strengthen the hinge pins. Or remove the pins and install coat hanger wire (its actually the same diameter as the hinge pin) formed and modified to replace the hinge pin. any thoughts???
    John Anthony ·
    Hi Charlie,

    Just getting back with you regarding the P0401 on my daughter's '97 Camry 5SFE. I have now replaced the VSV and the modulator again with genuine Toyota parts. It's a new Intermotor EGR valve. All 5 vacuum hoses replaced and routed correctly. EGR gaskets are new, pipe and ports are clear. I get 12 volts at one of the terminals that connects to the VSV. Not sure what else it can be, besides the ECU. Perhaps you can run this by your co-worker. Does he think it could be the ECU even though I am having no other problems with the car, besides this stubborn P0401? Wouldn't a faulty ECU present numerous problems, or not necessarily?

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