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  • Berl ·
    It took me about 14 hours total to disassemble and assemble it back together.
    The procedure helps alot and save time. I suggest you read the procedure first before you start dissembling because there are alot of things that you dont have to take off.
    Link for PDF ---> http://**********
    About the intake manifold, I just took off all the bolts and pushed it back since you would have to remove the fuel lines and wiring harness from it.
    The easiest way is to remove the bolts is to get them all from the underside of the car. However the bolt closest to the front of the engine is really hard to reach from underneath the car.
    If you remove the front right wheel of the car, you can reach your arm under and a 1/4inch socket to tighten/loosen that bolt. You can also try from the top right behind the wiring harness.
    If you have anymore questions just let me know.
    Lverano ·
    I wouldn't bother with a 4 cylinder. I have a 2003 L.L. Bean. I average 21/23mpg driving city and highway mixed with the AC on and off, ect. I look forward to snow. I'd look for one with between 90,000 miles and 140,000 with NO rust. I wouldn't be afraid to spend 3500 to 4500 for one with low miles and no rust. If the miles are higher, check the differential fluid and make sure it's been changed. Make sure no noise is coming from the differential, it's an easily forgotten service by people who don't know a lot about cars. Get a VDC or an L.L. Bean H6, you can't go wrong with either from 2000-2004. Do or have done the bearings and belt on the front of the engine (easy), and change the differential fluid and use Amsoil. Drain and fill the transmission fluid a couple times with good stuff too, and just do your regular oil changes and this thing should go 300k miles no problem. The stock stereo is awesome, and the whole car feels like quality.
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