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  • Malachi416 ·
    Hi, looking at at thread on Toyota Nation from 2017 about front wheel bearings. Would you be willing to explain the procedure for splitting the wheel bearing and pressing separate races? I can't find any information on this and am really nervous about doing what it sounds like you are suggesting without knowing more about it. Thanks.
    John Gi ·
    Hi, DannoXYZ,

    I went to two Pick-N-Pulls to look for Toyota Tercel and Paseo engines and transaxles. The three cars that match my 1995-1998 all have the engines and transaxles pulled by the time I got there! I'm feeling discouraged about geting a junkyard engine and transaxle. Any suggestions? Thanks and happy holidays!
    pfanelli ·
    Hello Danno:

    I was given your name have a 1993 Corolla, wont start after a rain, New Cap, Denso Rotor, coil was replaced about 2 years ago, and new plug wires. It does seem like the lead wires running to the coil seems rusty.

    Someone mentioned you may have some advice?


    Stacey Hines ·
    Pretty sure it is the later. The solenoid tested fine before I installed it. I tested the starter relay and it was fine. I verified power getting to the starter relay as well as the output of the starter relay. I also checked to see if their was power at the starter when the key was in the start position, and there was not. So if there is nothing between the starter relay and the solenoid, then it has to be the wire. Thanks for the help. Stacey
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