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  • slade8200 ·
    Hey, seems like you're pretty knowledgeable about P0420. I've got a 2000 4cyl with 230k miles. I rebuilt the engine at 195k. I keep it running well. But today I got the P0420. I will say that a couple of weeks ago I did develop a rattle somewhere in the exhaust. I'm leak free, and it isn't a shield, so my assumption is that maybe the cat material is rattling inside the housing? I have an OBD2 scan tool, good enough to read some engine data. Is there a way to tell if my O2 sensor is / are bad by looking at the voltages? Anything else I should try?

    Thanks a lot.
    rcsec ·
    8th Gen Corolla SST fuel test connection.

    How did you come up with the proper test fitting? Is there a part number where I can order one? I have a similar kit (HF master fuel pressure.)
    trife96 ·
    Thanks for the positive comments. I did swap the engine. The 4AGE 20 valve was only offered overseas. I got mine from a company in Canada who already had imported the engine to them. They also list there engines on eBay so you can always get one from there. But anyway, mine came with a 5 speed. They offer them with a 6 speed also called a C160 transmission. My transmission swap is a 6 speed from 2000-2005 Celica GTS and is called a C60. It's not a direct bolt on. The bell housing had to be swapped over from my original 5 speed. This also is not as easy as it sounds. The transmission has to be somewhat disassembled from the tail housing forward in order to swap the bell housing so it should be done by someone who knows what they are doing. Anyway, good luck with it. Glad my threads were able to help.
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