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    Hey man. What are your exact specs on the wheel / tire setup your running ? I would also like to run the 18x9.5s square with 225/40-18s on H&R lowering springs but I need to know the exact offset required to fit them. Thanks and let me know !
    gberty ·

    I am new to reading/posting to forums, so please excuse any of my informalities. I recently stumbled upon your thread: DIY: Illuminated Footwells & Cupholders with Switch! I have a 2006 Matrix XR that I am interested in attempting this with. I was wondering if you would be so kind as to tell me if this is also possible with my year/gen?...(I just realized that I was reading in the wrong section for my year.) I have some hard-wiring exp, but not much...stereos, radars etc. Also, if this is possible, I saw where you mentioned using a diode. I haven't had to use one of those yet, and when I googled it, there seems to be several types. I am unsure as to which one to use. I asked the people at Radio Shack, but they were unable to tell me which diode to purchase for use in wiring the foot wells. If you're willing - any assistance that you'd be willing to provide would be much appreciated. My email is [email protected] Thank you for your time.
    Tobeygolden808 ·
    Also, for K-Style Lip how much was prep, paint and install cost you?

    Also, you have no problem with rubbing on suspension with 18x9.5 Rota Grids?
    Tobeygolden808 ·
    What foglights you running? Nokya or did you buy HID 3000K? Also, where did you buy your K-Style Lip? eBay? Did you get it painted locally or buy it painted w/ 040 Super White on eBay?
    STAT ·
    What's up man, I noticed you're from SA too. I just got a 2010 corolla s. Just wondering if you still have your stock wheels or know anyone in the area possibly selling some stocks.
    bazingax3 ·
    Would you mind swinging back by your DIY on the footwell lighting? I have a question or two. Great write up by the way!
    Henster90 ·
    Hey man! I was wondering how would i go about getting the tailight set up like yours? Also, is you pillars the real carbon fiber or just the carbon fiber becasue they had two options on there site.
    thelivingflesh ·
    Hey brv! how you doing! caught you here! nice ride you had that corolla! i tried to make mine look like yours as well but did some engine swapping! Please do have a look and sugest! Thanks
    JesseBand ·
    did you ever get videos taken of your car with the borla sound? i want to hear it bad, so i can make my decision!
    badaz907 ·
    thanks for your feedback based on your ride I appriciate your feedback, I replaced the "s" back today, what do you recommend for the shift knob since the one I ahve is apprently too much like the rsx knob
    taparoja ·
    hi there, my name is Emmanuel i got too a Rolla Xrs 09, want to know what more i can buy, i got a Injen Power Flow it gives me 10 HP, i want more power things for my toyota...what do you recommend??...
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