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  • vaynardx ·
    hey man has been reading alot regarding lowering 11th gen with 9th gen tein sprigns. do you mind to share pics of the spring insulator that i should get? any pics or link to parts catalog will be fine. also how do you feel your cars handling after using this spring. do they bottomed out? bouncy rides? or any other things that worth mentioning?
    im chasing for that drop youve got on your car. its perfect to me.
    ian1976 ·
    Hey I wasn't trying get your thread changed to a WRX thread but it went there and over rode your question and I apologize for that . I was thinking you were trying to make a cvt corolla a fire breathing barn stormer . I was just " trying " to say if you want a fast car start with a fast car . Sorry for getting it off track .
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