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  • camrylegend ·
    Hi. I'm experiencing a creaking noise coming from my moonroof and was wondering if you have the TSB pdf to repair it. The TSB referenced in your post was TSB 0089-08 but if you also have TSB 0088-12 please send that as well. My email address is [email protected]

    Thank you.
    Praetorian909 ·
    Maybe I missed it, but do you have any stock headlights available? I'm looking for both sides to try a retrofit on and I want some spares in case I eff it up. Thanks. Email me back at [email protected] Thanks again!

    kuko92 ·
    I don't want that...but I also don't want rubbing...I live in florida so no weather no potholes but I do carry 4 people in the car sometimes...and don't want any rubbing. I know you have 20s and are lowered...any advice you can give me? Do you have rubbing issues? What are you lowered on? Did you have to roll your fender? Specs on your wheels and tires? Anything will help man...I was planning on ordering my rims today but like I said...coldfeet :/...I am currently looking at two 20" candidate...another set of Axis wheels...the Axis Power in matte black with red pinstripe...they have it at 20"X8.5 with 40 offset...would that work? What tires? 240/35? 235/35? Or could I get away with /40s?...second candidate is XXR 006 matte black with red pinstripe...same specs but 35 offset...PLEASEEEEE get back to me! email, cell, or is [email protected] 727-488-7735
    kuko92 ·
    Hey man! First let me say I think you have the nicest looking camry on this forum! I would appreciate any advice you could give me on mine. Basically, my car has been stock for a few months and I am about to begin modding! Plans are Eagle Eye Black Tails and Headlights, Limo Tint all around, Double Din reciever with Hertz audio all around,in the future your same hood (sorry to copy but it is just too sexy) and lastly the rims...I love 20"s ... when I bought my 11 SE Red I planned on putting some on...but slowly got talked out of it from friends and some guys here at TN...So I was going to go with Axis Super Penta 19X8.5 45offset with Falken 245/40/19 tires under an H&R drop...but I have been looking through threads and I am getting rims are going to look like 18"s with their lip!
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