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  • wraithdude ·

    I'm a newbie to the forum looking for information on the 3.2 Entune update. Just like a few others on the thread, my local service manager told me there never was and there never would be no such thing as an Entune update. Even when I showed him proof in the form of the website thread, he said he has never heard of anything like that. Needless to say, I don't have much faith in his service capabilities.

    I followed all the threads I could find and they all seem to point back to the dropbox link. I was hoping you might still either have the original update file that you could share with me, know someone that might have it still, or at least share the name of the file so I could track it down for myself. If you could, I'd really appreciate it.

    - Steve
    BoltsFan ·
    Thanks man - I am sure it is a BT issue as the album art on my iPhone shows up fine when connected via USB.
    BoltsFan ·
    Hey dyapanis - you were very helpful in helping me with some mp3 album artwork issues in the past and was hoping maybe you had some ideas about the issue I am now experiencing. I posted in a thread but in a nutshell I started playing music from my iPhone via BT and some of my album artwork is not there and is replaced by generic pics based on genre like this. Any ideas? All looks OK on my iPhone.

    Thanks - BoltsFan

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