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  • bubbah29 ·
    I got a p1315,p0300 and a p1310 code,Im not sure where to start.I used a mac code reader and cleared the previous codes and re did it and all that came up was the p1310 and it says something about igniter malfunction.
    ECHOKnight2000 ·
    ^^Haha. Thanks for the tip. I saw that on a youtube comment and I couldn't stop laughing. I thought it was gold. Too funny! I know not all women are like that but it sums it up for many:)
    TrailDust ·
    Regarding your sig, I'd only add that most women, however, are more than happy to submit to a couple of chokes and a couple of humps per week in order to take the money you do have....LOL!
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