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  • Starfighter1MZ ·

    I was wondering if I can have my username changed. I don't want to make another profile because I think making new accounts on the same IP is against the rules. I would like my new name to be DylanMZ. If you could get back to me as soon as possible, I would highly appreciate it.
    Darin Hensley ·

    May I have my account to where I can do a post, please? I tried and I got a error 500. I just read the rules read me.

    Thank you,
    Bill McLoughlin ·
    I am looking for a dingy tow for an RV with some off road capability: ground clearance and traction. I prefer toyotas, but don't think I can flat tow a 4-Runner? When was the last year a 4-Runner had. Manuel transfer case and could be flat towed behind a Motor Home? Any other thoughts???
    98xcabpu ·
    How do I add a photo to my Classified listing ?
    I didn't see it under FAQ's or "Read Me First"
    31skraM ·
    Greetings...fellow Toyota Nationers! I have been on a long journey. I've been to 240Z, 260Z, TC3, Formula, TransAms, Broncos, Camero, Corvette, F-150 4x4s and now Toyota Venza. I have found Utopia! Since my journey started in 1975, when I got my picture on a piece of plastic with my X on it, have I been more Happier to get behind the wheel... of my Venza. At 56yrs of age and now Handicapped, I traded all my Hats for a Toyota Nation Hat. Which I wear alot causes the hairs getting thin up there. So I'm just tooting my horn and waving a hand and glad to be in the "Toyota Nation" now. Oh! I'm also in the Gator Nation too and after 32yrs retired from the Pepsi Generation.
    Hi forum members. New to this so please bear with me. I have a 1994 previa that is driving me nuts. It will blow the 20a ma fuse at the battery positive connector. I have removed the radio noise capacitor and that didn't help. It will run fine for a short while and then blow that fuse again. I see the diagram shows routing to efi main relay through a 7.5a ign fuse, but that fuse is not blown. the circuit then branches to power the injectors and coil and the noise capacitor. A forum post suggested the capacitor was shorted so I removed it. Same results. I can see no visible damage to wiring(even though a Previa is a nightmare to trace wires in). Anybody have any ideas?
    ALPiper ·
    Sir: I'm member since 'o8 but haven't been able to post till
    today because I lost my username&password. And also because of the spam bot to even contact for a password reset
    I almost didn't get on till today. darn hackers But to get to the
    point I hadn't reread the forum rules, and I mentioned a speed
    at the end of a post on the 3rd gen Avalon just now. On
    removing the center console post

    if you can remove this reply, It won't happen again. I don't
    exhibit speed IN TRAFFIC I simply want to know how fast
    my vehicle can go if needed. I won't be responsible for
    endangering another persons life period. 70yo
    Duker ·
    Ive had my Toyota RAV4 since June 2015. It had a complete brake job before I bought it. Soon after I had it home, the brakes will squeal after it's been driven approximately 20 minutes and only at the end of a stop, not immediately after pressing the brake pedal. I took it back to the dealer who inspected them saying there's nothing wrong. They didn't offer any ideas.
    Anyone else have this issue?
    gstilwell ·
    Just a thought, but I was trying to post a pic of my LC in the forum. Wouldn't allow me to. I read the rules and couldn't find any reference to posting pics. Finally found one on the LC Forum that stated the only way to add pics was to upload to Photobucket. Not.
    I am not a fan of giving third parties any of my info. I do thrust the TN forum, but I do not have policies from P-bucket.--Would you consider restructuring the forum to match IH8MUD? much easier to use and navigate--
    MissJ ·
    Hey , so I was just wondering...
    if perhaps you knew the answer ...
    to this question...
    I'm not sure what you are going to think of me after you read this...
    but I 'm just DYING to know...


    Lol ...
    pelletier1953 ·
    Hi I have a 1999 Avalon it recently just starting pooping the trunk open everytime I hit my brakes anyone ever hear of that before?? not sure what to do thanks
    toycello ·
    Hi, I just joinded the forum and have a friend who has an 84 celica that cut off a few years ago while driving and she apparently just let it set. Gas smells old and I've looked for that check connector to try to read the engine codes but haven't found it. (Duh?) Anyway, just saw your post and thought I'd ask what tuners and ricers are. Guess I just don't get around enough. :)
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