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  • Trudogg ·
    i am a newbie when it comes to engines and i need some help. i have a 1992 Toyota Camry and i have a 3sge engine from a 1997 Toyota Celia. will the 3sge fit in the Camry without and modifications to mounting points?
    counterattack ·
    Hi, I was wondering if you knew if Bilstein made struts for the 2001 Camry. Partsgeek has them just the strut not the complete set. But only they seem to have them, so I am not sure if they are trying to do some sketch shit or if they just have some lying around from before.
    White95Cam ·
    Hello E8P, I was wondering if you were still posting in the gen 3 3.5 forum? I have not been on TN for a while until a couple months ago because my car has been running perfectly. I had a little trans problem and came here for advice but boy was I shocked at what the site has turned into. I did not see any posts from my go to guys like Spitfire, bigbird, eyeball96, AGS12, LynchburgCSI, Chris Crash and many others including you. I figured that most have lost interest or moved on to different cars.
    What really disturbed me was nearly all the member including moderators giving out advice that was incorrect or even dangerous. It seems that most are polluting their cars with after market Auto Zone parts, incorrect fluids and just plain bad repairs procedures.

    alikkk ·
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    Bmole2012 ·
    Hi all, I have a 2001 Sequioa. Whenever I take off from a stand still and the back tires spin, i hear a grinding, crucnchy sound coming from under the hood (front underneath). Has anyone had this problem, and if so could you tell me what to do to fix. It's really bad in the Winter, especially with icey road conditions.
    zb420 ·
    Is there a way I can't get more cash to play your games? I am now addicted to Black Jack and had a very bad run. Thanks
    RU2CHKN ·
    Hey king I got a supercharger question for ya, what did you do to the a/c idle up control valve on your car to make the car idle right when you turned the a/c on?
    slpr1mz ·
    hey, thnx for the help again, but i've ran into a snag. i got down into the guts and noticed that my sensor had just broken off. so i removed the other one and am planning on to splice the wires. Q: the is there a diagram of the shield and the ground on the wires? or is the sleeve the shield & ground? thnx :) i then tried relocating the knock sensor to the plate that you have in the picture on the forum, but the threding is too big. Q: do i have to have the sensor, or can i just ground it? ha ha and i'm looking into a plate for the front of the valve cover, should i add extra ground wires to it can be grounded on the block? again thnx so much. i'm a guy trying to learn from the best on this site, hopefully i can share what i learn.
    slpr1mz ·
    hey man, i was doing some reseach on relocating knock sensors on the 1mz. i'm having a cel "knock sensor curcuit" code pop up and have been wanting to re-locate my knock sensor, change the coolant bypass line, and just a generall tune up this weekend. i was curious on the page from there is only one picture of a knock sensor. i had thought there to b 2 sensors and i was wondering where the other one goes? ha ha. i hope to here back from you soon. thnx for all the help.
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