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  • dljmcgee ·
    I did use ijdmtoy and they have been a pain in the rear. I even sent them back, because they said they would give me a refund and then they said they tested them and wanted to know if I wanted them refund!!! My luck... Thanks for your help...!!!
    dljmcgee ·
    good morning,

    I was wondering if anyone has complained of the connections for the front turn signal led switchbacks? I had to take mine apart for the fourth time after a horrible time getting them to work in the first place. Somehow it doesn't seem the car connector and the switchback connector want to stay in the proper place. I have done zip ties and tape to no avail. It is sure frustrating! Does anyone else make a similar set but with better connectors? Thanks
    raylor4 ·
    I finally installed the LED lights in the back bumper reflectors as you suggested. I ran the wires to the directional lights and now the people behind me can see my lane change more easily and get more courtesy since the mod. Thanks a lot for all your instructions.
    Ray A.
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