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  1. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    Lol @ the face palm
  2. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    It sure is :) Dr browns is what Im using as Im typing this. Infants can eat and eat. We've been giving him Manzanilla - Chamomile tea and it helps a lot with his gas, only thing is feeding it to him because he hates the taste and I don't blame him. Someone else on here recommended...
  3. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    Thanks everyone :D This lil bundle has kept me on check and taken over my world with all of my belongings. We named him Nathaniel BTW. He's been a little coliky lately so the only time we feed nate with formula is if the wifey is behind in pumping breast milk out or were not at the right...
  4. E-Beer Friday

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    Nice!... well Im on my second round with a bottle of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. feels good on an empty stomach....... lol I think I'm gonna go see Predators on sunday. Probably by myself since the wifey is having her girls night out that day and she hates them kind of movies :P idk
  5. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    Yeah i think i took like a 1 1/2 year hiatus. Life got pretty busy and hectic and a lot has happened but all is well. oh.... and i have a lil GenSixer now. meet gensixer 2.0 :clap:
  6. E-Beer Friday

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    EDIT:lets give it a try Check into the TN bar ladies and gents and raise a glass to Friday! Without question, the greatest invention in the history of mankind is beer. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was also a fine invention, but the wheel does not go nearly as well with pizza. looking...
  7. Wow

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    They shoot sideways son.
  8. Random Thoughts..... **NSFW**

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    boo! :)
  9. So what up!!

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    Itsbeen a while thought i drop by and say how much i miss my Gen 6 camry :( someone on here owns it now :ugh3: regrets alot.
  10. If males in your family only make one sex(M or F) of kid, wouldnt you?

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    yes sirrrr in a bout a year or two . reason is that lately ive been feeling left out from the rest of of my cousins my bro and correct if you wish .....i'd feel that this would bring some joy at the house to me and the gf at the same though im aware of the huge responsibilities :eek: cant be...
  11. If males in your family only make one sex(M or F) of kid, wouldnt you?

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    im sure theres some joy in being the chosen few of men in the family:thumbsup: but doesnt it feel as if theres more ground to cover for a male to control the entire flag ship? who can step on your toes?:chug: dont trip ladies boys will be boys and we still cant live without ya :P lol
  12. If males in your family only make one sex(M or F) of kid, wouldnt you?

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    lol no doubt, girl or boy i'd love em both the same :chug: like any other family ive been paying attention to the gender ratio lately :P I cant be the only guy expecting a male plus the soon to be wifey doesnt mind at all she would wish and expect the same me but at the end of the day its like...
  13. If males in your family only make one sex(M or F) of kid, wouldnt you?

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    Not sure how fast yet being that this would be my first born :D Im guessing it depends on what sperm cell hits the egg first and which sex chromosome it has. it's a 2 in 4 chance of being male. at least that's how it looks when i graph it in a two gene table. could it depend on the...
  14. If males in your family only make one sex(M or F) of kid, wouldnt you?

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    So me and my gf have been together for a good while "serious relationship." and under the same roof for a few years already and both sides of our family are beginning to have high expectations.......yes a third member :ugh3: which i wouldnt mind but looking at the picture the majority part of my...
  15. Global warming comparison to a cult

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    For all the Global warming sheeps look up. why then is Mars getting warmer? I know the media doesnt tell us this. Oh yeah you'd have to look that up on JPL's website. Yes indeed they are scientists! You are a what... Sheep! Animal Farm! Read it! I know you read it in third grade, read it in...