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  • GoldenGrove ·
    98 Avalon XLS-203K miles
    Cylinders 1,3 & 5 are misfiring.Plugs and coils are new,A/F sensor for that bank is new.
    Had a small exhaust leak at the junction between the rear header and down pipe.I fixed it last ought and still misfiring
    On that bank.I did a vacume test by removing one of the vaccum lines,the engine note increased.
    The car has California emission.Bank 1 A/F sensor was changed in March.
    GoldenGrove ·
    Hello every one.I am trying to rebuild the power steering pump for my 98 Avalo XLS.I would like to know who sells the best rebuilding kit? Is a shaft included in the kit?

    Any help appreciated,thanks
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