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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    keduhanh0t ·
    nữa nữa là khóa học kế toán cho người chưa biết gì
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    keduhanh0t ·
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    DangerousDave ·
    Can you please delete this or move it to Gen 7 Camry? I believe I posted in the wrong forum. "Replacing 2003 Camry - Replace with another Camry?"
    stev3 ·
    Hi, I created a thread yesterday in regards to the issues i am having with my ipod and the entune on my camry, I just logged in right now, and the thread is gone, I also didn't receive a message stating why it was removed, and i can't search for the thread i created, can you help me?
    Steven Head ·
    How do I change my displayed name? I must have registered years ago maybe linking to my Google account.

    I'd like my displayed nic to be Ramblin_mo instead of my real name.
    chukel ·
    please, i need a diagram on how to access the rear strut mount. please can you also help with steps on changing rack and pinion mount bushings without bringing down the whole setup. car is avalon 2005 limited. thanks
    Slickjohn ·

    I am writing from Bahrain. I just wanted to know if the XenonDepot Xtreme HID ballasts produces any whining or buzzing sounds ? If so, how long do they last ? Also what is the warmup time on these kits ?

    DeeX ·
    Hey, I was wondering about something for the Camry 2014.5.

    I have procrastinated on getting the XenonDepot Xtreme HID Kit with 4300k phillips bulbs. Now I am ready to do so and I notice there is talk of a couple different options out now LED wise.
    I notice that you dont have a camry any more but still I ask you ask I value your opinion as I am going for the same you were going for.. Same color temp etc... we have similar likes etc.
    What is new and good? What would you get if you had a Camry still. Also keep in mind I have the South East Toyota DRL LED strips with my high beam day time running lights disabled.
    Any input is appreciated. :)
    Thanks in advance!
    BoltsFan ·
    FYI - just logged in again and now I am able to upload pics. Not sure what changed but at least it works now. Thanks.
    BoltsFan ·
    When I access my albums the only option I see is to add an album. If I select an album the only option I see is to add pictures to a group which is to post pics to a group you join. Looks like the option to add pics to an album disappeared.
    BoltsFan ·
    Trying to post a new pic to one of my albums but I do not see any option to do so. Just did this a few weeks ago with no problem. Has anything changed?

    England ·
    First off thanks again for all of the helpful information on this TN site. I would like to ask you about detailing products for our new car. I read (and printed off) the Two Bucket Wash Method. I am going to be purchasing what we need to start. Here is my list that I got mainly from yours and Merlin's posts:

    2 5 gallon white buckets
    2 grit guards
    1 Incredimitt or merino wool
    1 Quality wash soap---don't know which one to purchase, something from CarPro with neutral Ph?
    1 Drying towel Microfiber Madness- Dry me crazy

    For the wax maybe Meguiars NXT 2.0? Or which other?

    Scotchguard for the inside cloth seats carpets
    What do you recommend for the dash and interior vinyl parts?

    Anything else you can suggest would be great! We can't go hog wild right now, but if we can purchase what we need to do what is best to keep our car nice I will be happy!

    Thanks so much!
    khwontca ·
    I have an 2012 Canadian SE with navigation. The BU camera connection is supposed to be in the trunk. There is an empty 10 pin connector in the left fender area with several wires leading to it. Would the camera plug into this connector
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