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  • nic2 ·

    you gave great instruction for removing a dashboard panel.
    i just put up a thread asking for help removing the left rear interior panel (not the door panel) on my 1990 camry wagon
    if you have any info. i'd really appreciate it.

    Dionys ·
    Hey Halo!

    I see you also live in the Bay Area (via some posts of yours). I'm down in Alameda actually. =)

    Wanted to see if you would recommend a great mechanic as I want to get a timing belt/water pump job done on my car.

    I'm fairly certain the prior owner never had this done and I'm just over 150k, so yeah...time to have that done.

    Anywho, I figured you would know some of the best around, so I thought to ping ya.

    Thanks for any help!

    Dionys ·
    Hi Halo,

    Was wondering, how do I tell exactly what type of Make/Model and engine type I have for this '96 of mine?


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