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  • BlackCamSe ·
    Heyy bro, not sure if you remember me, but i sold you an ultra racing rear sway bar a loooooong time ago. anyhow, i'm having an issue posting a new thread in the gen 5-6 camry forum. i've treid on my desktop, my cell, and the tapatalk app. Is there somthing going on with the forums or is it somthing on my end?
    user786 ·
    Heyyyyy my friend!

    Are you still over in Tampa?
    I moved to Chicago and now back here living in south Orlando area.

    I am looking for a replacement Camry and I could think of NO BETTER person than you for opinions :) :)

    Can you kindly chime in here to this post I put in the forums whenever you get some free time?

    I will be looking to buy a Gen 7 Camry in either the Orlando or Tampa area if you know of anyone selling.
    Catanzaro ·
    Thank you for all your help. Can you tell me what the torque on the spark plugs are? Below is some information on what I found from other posts. I torqued my plugs to about 12.5 ft - lb, but I have the 2005 Toyota Corolla LE. I see you have the 1ZZ engine and yours would be different. Thanks!

    The plug spec for my 1ZZ-FE engine states 18 ft-lb. The 2ZZ-GE engine is much lower (about 12.5 ft-lb).
    Saabologist ·
    Hi Hardtop72,

    I saw this older post and would appreciate it if you can send me the procedure for timing cover leak repair on my wife's 2008 Corolla (manual tranny, 217k miles). "When I worked at a dealer, a 1ZZFE timing cover paid 4 hours from the book. 10 hours is likely a guess based on what the tech thinks it will take and that's what they billed. It's really not hard. If you want the procedure, send me a PM and I can get it to you."

    The front of the engine has oil sludge on it, even fouling the front of the alternator. I believe it is timing chain cover, but maybe it's from someplace else?

    Thanks in advance for your help and wisdom! Lee
    aacarhunters ·

    I'm having big problems after doing a head gasket on a 2007 Corolla, and you seem to be the go-to guy to get good intel. Here's the thread I started:

    For troubleshooting, I pulled all of the sensors/injectors/fuel rail off of a junkyard 07 corolla that was smacked really hard in the front (so I know it was running). I also pulled the glove box ECU and lock cyl/ring/key assembly from it as well. Long story short, the car won't start with original ECU/ring/Key or junkyard ECU/ring/key. Security light goes out when in insert key (original setup), but continues to blink if I use the junkyard setup. Reset procedure hasn't worked after numerous attempts. Am I missing something?
    SFCamry ·
    Here I am again, another major job on this Camry! Considering I replaced the entire suspension, tranny, and upcoming the engine: I think that covers the major systems! Everything else will seem like a let down (lol) How you been?
    OZCorolla_x2 ·
    G'day hardtopte72.
    WRT the OU2003-2008 Corolla, M, P Vibe MaintThread!
    - Love your work.

    Engine Oil
    For 0 Deg C to 45 Deg C
    5W40 Shell Helix Ultra Full Synthetic Pure Plus Technology
    (Possibly sold as Penzoil Platinum - Full Synthetic - Pure Plus Technology in USA)
    - 20,000kms - 215,000kms in 06 Wagon (& 20,000km - 95,000km in 09 Hatch 2ZR-FE). Did cam cover gasket on the 06 Wagon at 190,000km fantastically clean top end of the motor and good compression.
    - Exploded Diagrams & parts No's for JTD build vehicles (? for South Africian Build)
    - Fast + low freight $ to Australia.
    In 2009 Manual Transaxle I run Penrite PRO GEAR 70W-75 (Full Synthetic) GL4 Plus
    amazon121 ·
    Thanks for the info. I wonder if the new spec pistons are available from non-dealership sources maybe Rockauto ? How does one find out the differences between old spec and new spec pistons and would drilling the old piston heads throw the motor out of balance ?
    amazon121 ·

    Can you point me to where I can find info on 2AZ-FE DIY oil consumption repair? Specifically for an '07 Camry if possible. Some suggest drilling new oil holes in existing piston heads. Others suggest using new piston heads but how to know if they are "new spec" - if there have been issued new spec piston heads ? Also are there "new spec" rings as well ? Is the issue with both the original piston heads and oil rings ?

    Arthur1 ·
    It does help and thank you for taking the time to respond to such a "simple" question, as I know you're in demand, it is greatly appreciated.
    Arthur1 ·
    First, let me thank you for all of the information that you have openly shared with everyone, it is greatly appreciated. If you don't mind, I have a question regarding the oil filter recommendations that you have posted. I went from Jeep to an 03 Corolla, drive a lot and saw your oil filter recommendations. I'm not sure if I misinterpreted the oil filter listings and please correct me. On the Napa Gold oil filters, the 03 Corolla is listed to use FIL 1394. If I read your posting correctly, the Corolla can use Napa Gold 1348 as well? The reason I ask is because the specs on the gaskets are different (ID and ID diameter) and I would be afraid of an oil leak. Thank you very much for your time!
    dlublink ·

    In this post :

    You said :

    > You cannot add keyless entry to a CE. No CE models are equipped from the factory with the correct integration relay, wireless door lock receiver, or the wiring in between.

    Thanks to the information YOU PROVIDED, I was able to add keyless remotes to my matrix 2006 base. I swapped the integration relay, like you said. I added the wireless door lock receiver, like you said. And I did the wiring between, like you said.

    I now have fully function OEM remotes for my car, and I could NOT have done it without you!



    P.S., if you are interested, I documented what I did here :
    bugnbob ·
    I still have not solved my alternator wiring issue and my wife is tired of driving my pickup. If you know how the thing is wired up, I would REALLY appreciate the help. Thanks a bunch.
    tdi200 ·
    sir i am in market to look for a used Corolla engine as my 2001 corolla automatic with overdrive has oil burning issues, so i was thinking getting a 2008 used corolla engine u think the oil burning issue was resolved in 2008 engine? and how hard is the swap? and will i have to change the ecu or use the same one
    Shaun Crockett ·
    thanks for the move to the Camry page… I'm new to the scion world, but with the same engine being used in other toyota models i figured i would check you guys out. (the scion forums are pretty much dead)

    so far you guys have been great!

    Invader has provided some great info!
    satek ·
    Hello hardtopte,

    Thanks for posting your tutorial on the CV axle change on your Camry. Do you mind if I ask a couple of questions about my 2011 highlander?

    1. What were the symptoms for your car / the reasons for replacing your CV half shaft? My vehicle has a shaking vibration around 40 mph on acceleration ONLY, not in the steering wheel though so I was wondering if replacing this would solve my problem.

    2. In your thread (, there were a couple of pictures showing a leak / grease everywhere. Do you know what that is? My vehicle had the same exact stuff in the same exact spots.

    Here's my thread for reference that I just started:

    SFCamry ·
    Thanks. I checked around the internet and it seems to have very little issues. The 4Runner area of this site does not have as much activity it seems, compared to the Camry section, so nothing like what you have posted up for the Camry's.

    Anyway, we are convinced we will buy it Monday. More miles that it should have for the year, but it drove OK and sounded fine. Keeping the Camry - giving it to my daughter to replace her driving nightmare of a '97 CR-V. The Camry engine is still guzzling oil, so I will keep fighting with them on that, but I may just go ahead and get a rebuilt engine and put it in before too long. If it all goes well Monday I'll post up pics. It's a nice one!
    SFCamry ·
    Hey bud -

    I am in the market for a 4 Runner. Know anything about the 2015 SR5 trim? Anything to worry about?

    I test drove it and it runs fine. Was a rental car, so the 63k miles came in the two years or whatever, probably harder driving. Seems like it came from Illinois, so I looked under the carriage but did not see any rust issues. Engine sounded fine. It is outside of a warranty so it will be on me, but they are firm on the $26,995 price. Lower price than 2010-12 models around here. Just wondering if you know of any concerns with the 2015 SR5.

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