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  • TEF1701 ·
    You mention in the Sequoia bible you wrote that the rear diff should use 75w140 synthetic oil if it has the tow package. This might be a stupid question, but how can I tell if it has the tow package or not? I have a 2006 Sequoia SR5.
    infectthis ·

    I saw your note on this help article and could use a copy of the 1st gen factory service manual if you have a copy available and are willing to share.

    Either way, thanks for all your work on the site, been a long time linger-er.

    amartin ·

    I saw a comment you made about washing your engine bay with every car wash. Do you cover any areas in the corolla before washing it?
    David Nichols ·
    You're the one that did the engine swap sticky right? I had a hart time finding it, but either way I think you had that thread closed to discussion so I needed to ask you directly.

    I need half of an engine probably. Crossing my fingers that it's just half, after full break down of it I'll know if the top needs work, is rebuildable, or if it's done too.

    If the top of the engine did survive, I need to know what years I can get the bottom of the engine or the short block from. I have a 1999 Chevy Prizm, but it was modded without me being aware to a 2000-2002 vvt-i before I bought it at 40k miles.

    Websites that sale these things tend to think I can use a 1998 to 2005 bottom end, but I wasn't sure.

    Thanks in advance!

    I'll post this comment to my thread as well if you'd like to respond there, thanks.
    mommafrica ·
    Hello. I'm sort of getting this thing together. I finally got my mobile back in order so I will be taking pics of the sway bar links for you real soon. The dealer said, from a visual perspective, that I don't need them (2 days ago).
    But I would like to ask you about brake calipers please. I couldn't find anything on them anywhere. I'm trying to figure out the best of course. I'm considering ProStop (PepBoys) or Wearever (Advance Auto Parts) b/c these places are close by for the core charge and no tax (DE). But I keep seeing Centrics nearly everywhere. Do you have any thoughts on this please? I have new Brembo rotors and Hawk brakes (each is my preferred).
    Bsrosell ·
    Hi ; Looked at those ORIGINAL rear drums again (2005 Camry) & happened to think; with my current set (minus those front holes), is the FUTURE problem that as the drums wear, that thin ridge NOT worn on the outside is going to prevent taking the brake drums off, as there is no way to 'back off" the screw adjustor???
    I'm sure the new drums have some light scoring from driving up and down the road ....But if super-important, I could try...
    I made the switch to Toyota last year ('14 Highlander, '12 Camry) after 250k miles each on my '96 and '97 American cars; I don't have 15 years of wrenching on Toyotas.
    Would you suggest any other "likely failures" and preventative maintenance (230k miles but mostly freeway, sister bought new, undercoated, oil changes every 3000 ).
    I did tranny fluid, gasket,; new water-pump, thermostat and cap and "RED" fluid.
    Purged the steering system. Can't think of anything else to do to it, runs great; preemptive suggestions?
    baileyw813 ·
    Hi! I was just reading your post on the 2gr-fe Camry/ES removal and installation of the alternator... Could you possibly send me the procedure and what is recommended to remove in order to get the stupid PITA alternator out? It would be awesome if you could. I am in the middle of the job, figured it would take an hour or two like ALL the other cars I've worked on before and I have it "out"/loose but no where to go with it. They wedge that motor to the passenger side real well. Never understood that...

    Thank you in advance!!

    user786 ·
    Thanks! I bought the ultragauge EM Plus and love it so far. Still getting used to the features and customizing it for this car.
    I'm from Kissimmee but over in Tampa a lot. Maybe we'll eventually meetup one day :) I think I still have your cell number saved somewhere from when you gave it to me a longgggg time ago. I'm Omar

    Quick question if you have time.
    I have a bad vibration in the 2009 Camry 2.4 when stopped at a light in Drive. Happens more with low RPM idle in drive. Less when in Neutral and less when the AC is off. I thought it might be an engine mount but I did a lot of reading of your posts about cleaning throttle body and replacing manifold gasket on 2005 Corolla. You think that may be a similar issue on the Camry or completely unrelated? Your knowledge of these cars is pretty amazing! It's a 2009 Camry 2.4 with 101,000 miles on it and ultragauge says about 31mpg after about 2 or 3 tanks. 65% highway &35% city miles so that seems pretty awesome. It drives excellent.
    dedreux ·
    Thanks for the reply. Yes I would love any other documents you could send me.
    Do you not recommend going the sub-frame route?
    We are replacing with used engine with all the manifolds and such but I think I want to take the trans and motor all in one shot.
    Sheika ·
    Hi hardtopte72,Thanks for getting me back among the fuses,to check,as I found that the ODB 7,5amp fuse,was in the wrong place,the pick now works fine,but expect the P0505 to return when I drive a little. Thanks again, Sheika.
    stymie ·

    I really appreciate your help. I fixed one problem (re-secured position indicator plate) and created another when I broke the O/D wires.

    user786 ·
    Hi bud. Hope you are keeping well over there in Tampa :)

    A longggg time ago I was having some issues with my Camry in Orlando and you had mentioned if I was in Tamp that you wouldn't mind hooking up your OBDii reader.

    I want to buy that SAME reader for another car but for the life of me I can't remember the name of the one you have.

    Can you please remind me which one it was again?

    I know it could only be ordered directly from the manufacturer website and that it was around $69 or $79 but I just can't remember the name or the website...

    Thanks SO MUCH! :)
    wwpitabread ·
    I have a 2005 Toyota Corolla S. It has 223000 and some change miles on it. I noticed my car vibrates while idling and it's burning more gas than usual. I changed to oil to Mobile 1 ow20. What might the problem be?
    SFCamry ·
    Hey Mike, dumb question, but considering all the issues I have had, better to be safe than sorry: any concern (other than fluid mess) with bolting the new tranny on the engine stand and flipping it over? I want to swap out the SLT I just bought with the one in the salvage tranny, but don't want to find out the hard way that flipping the transmission over resulted in some check ball issues or something like that. I figure this will be the easiest way to put in my new SLT and new filter.

    eurisko ·
    Hi hardtopte72,

    I seem have the issue described on the TSB below, on my 2005 Corolla automatic:

    In addition to getting all those codes, i also have the tachometer needle staying at zero when starting the car, and then erratically jumping to 7000-8000.

    You have posted the DYI on charcoal canister replacement here:

    In the end, in an additional post, you mentioned the "harness between ID2 and L5 in the trunk", and mentioned that "The Gray Pin 1 wire was completely broken in the trunk".

    I would like to check those wires first, before i would attempt to change the canister.

    Can you please help me locate those wires in the trunk ? Some picture/pictures would be very helpful ?

    I would really appreciate your help. Thanks
    David Pierce ·
    Hello Hardtop you commented on 2006 Camry tread I posted a couple of days ago. Again I really appreciate your input. I wanted to know if you could tell me if there is any way to test the ECM? Or is there an ECM reset sequence?

    We are at a stand still with this thing, so any help would be greatly appreciated.

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