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  • zaf_uom ·
    Dear Hardtopte,
    I have the wiring diagram and the owner's manual.
    Can you please tell me if there is a document listing all the parts that are inside a 9th gen corolla and possible how is it called technincally?

    hlong290494 ·
    Hi hardtopte72,

    I read your guide on flushing 2002 Camry ATF. May I ask what is the purpose of removing the splash shield? As I remembered during oil changes, I have direct access to the ATF drain plug. I checked the Haynes manual, I could not find the splash shield under the car or near the drain plug. My car is a 2002 Toyota Camry LE.

    Thank you!
    bluemoon ·
    hi,,for front brakes::when you brake it seems there's a loud vibration. i checked everyting is good.
    1. pads have a lot of life2. slider pins move in and out easily3. i just changed the rotor like 4 days ago5. new front struts and shocks6. new sway bar links7. new bearings8. alignment done but Still the car slides towards pass. side. i asked the align. tech -he said everyting was on spec.....the problem was there before new rotors and shims and after replacing awith these, the problem is still there.HUH!!!!! i'm scared to drive as it makes a loud chattering noise -looks like abs is getting activated but not sure if its there on my car. its more on driver side. Passenger side made a rattling/vib noise as well - i found it had no shims so i put shims and its been fine since last 5 days. but driver side doesnt look good is it a bad caliper? if it is a caliper - should i rebuilt it or buy a new one? 4. my corolla it seems to slow down when gas pedal released
    bluemoon ·
    hi there,
    how are you?

    i need your help on this....

    i changed my front rotors (pads were lots of lining left on them). i went for a test drive and hear click click noise during braking (i drove for 10-15 mins and then the noise started coming). so i bought shims from toyota dealer (brake pads had no shims -i bought the car from a dealer) and fronts look good - no click click noise as i drove for good 20 mins.


    Now, noise seem to be coming from rear tires. I changed both drums ....was ok for a day but again started click click. so i opened the side that i think is making noise - and i just scratched the shoe a little with blade so as to remove the outer shiny surface(i just made sure i dont remove too much - just a scratch to remove the glaze) and still the brake is making noise.

    you think the rear pads would need to be replaced? or is there something else. they are at about 5 mm thick.

    thanks for any help.
    [email protected]
    B4_iPay ·
    It was both, manifold gasket and the sensor bank 1, funny thing was the engine light was on one day after we took it to Toyota, 5 days later (yesterday) the engine light went out!

    We took it in and they said both needed replacing.

    The moral of the story was like you said that Toyota should had checked that TSB and should have tested the gasket leak, but failed to do that in their report. This place lost my business for life, we were Toyota 100%, just this location is doing bad business ethics or have inexperienced workers...there is no excuse a professional is a professional!

    Thanks for your kind help and time, anything else that goes wrong, I will do it...waiting for my manual to arrive in the mail.

    I will tackle the MAF clean, and learn how to do the fuel injectors in the fall.

    B4_iPay ·

    what do you use to clean the manifold part where the gasket sits once I pull it out please?

    I see a person should use a razor blade to scrape the head clean and wipe it down.

    What order do I tighten the bolts back on and the torque specs please, I am going to try this fix.

    Do I need to get a scanner to turn off the engine light, it came on the next day after the Toyota mech used his code reader.

    I won't put the sensor like you said I will do the gasket first just need to know how to turn the engine light off without doing the battery thing for 15 minutes I am not sure what that will do to the it call EMC? DTC?
    GaganSingh ·
    Thank You so much for this information. I just did this today on my moms 06 Matrix. But after replacing the intake gasket the car is now idling at close to 3000 RPM and the car can go up to 35 MPH without stepping on the gas. Any ideas?
    explicit_J ·
    Hi there.
    When you put on the Tc rims on the corolla did you use the tc bolts or the stock bolts? Also do you still have stock springs on there?
    hnkmaster ·
    Hi there, hope u can help.

    on the diagram on figure 2. the black/white cable that comes from the battery to the starter then to the cold start injector then to the time injector switch, EFI pin C3 opening cicuit, starter relay, ignition switch pin1.

    want to know if this cable is all positive cause Im getting ground with that cable. I do believe is positive I just need someone to confirm it to me before I start cutting wires. thank you
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