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  • yosoy4ever ·
    hi...i have a 98 avalon xls and a truck side swiped my driver side exterior mirror. I got a replacement for $25 from a local scrap yard, but it is GOLD and I have code 051 diamond white car is old and I don't want to pay the local body works guy $75 bucks to paint it to code 051...any suggestion on a DUPLI COLOR post on this forum for some color CLOSE to mine that sells for $8.99 at Auto Zone...even if its from a different mft. like chevy or gm or whatever ? any help you can direct me to is appreciated. Susan
    cbpip ·
    FS Yamaha 2016 New YZ450F $6000

    Can you either move or delete from 3 gen Avalon forum please. Add for motorcycle sales, dealer add .
    ipraetorian ·
    sorry to bother you but could you delete one of my thread starters. The first the one without text that says "see above"? I screwed up and posted twice.
    xywolap ·
    Just posted a topic in the Avalon forum re a 2007 camry throttle body in error.
    Can it be deleted or moved to the 2007 camry forum?
    Well I'm a little slow, so I'm guessing you've either got the compressor installed or are checking out your compressor, waiting to get it installed. :)

    the chip in the pulley could go a few different ways. If your friend is a tech, mechanic, he should be able to make it work as long as the pulley isn't dented or the compressor shaft isn't bent. Those two would be my concern since there was enough force to chip the pulley.

    Let me know how it goes. :)
    XBerInDallas ·
    You are the man HATEnFATE. I appreciate your help. I am on my way to buying a used compressor for $100 bucks and a new expansion value for $36 and my buddy who works at a Nisson dealership said he'd charge me a between $100 and $200 for labor, which is a great deal. One last question, the used compressor has a chipped pully. The lady at the junk yard said it's not a large chip and could be filed down to make it smooth. By the way the compressor is off a 2006 that only had 25K miles with a smashed frontend. What are your thoughts on the used compressor with the chipped pully?
    If all the levels are correct then you could very well be in the market for an a/c compressor.

    There are other possibilities but i hate to say, that might be it. I called and checked real quick just to see what an aftermarket compressor would run. Approx. $540. not too bad but still a lot of money.

    a lot of places, when you install a new compressor, will also require you to install a new drier and expansion valve to honor the warranty of the new compressor you just purchased.
    XBerInDallas ·
    It had plenty of refridgerant, he used some machine and took it all out and then put in all back in. It's still not cooling at higher RPMs. He said it had the right amount of refridgerant and I trust him. I just don't wanna spend the money on a new compressor if I can avoid it. What are your thoughts on used compressors? Thanks for your help, I really appreciate it.
    Could be a number of things, I would think that if the compressor were slipping, your belt would have shown some serious signs by now.

    Your compressor could be getting weak or maybe you're just running low on refridgerant. The #1 thing, start cheap and work your way up. If you have a friend that works at a dealer, maybe he's got access to an a/c machine and would be able to help you out?

    You could always put some a/c oil dye in your system too to make sure there are no leaks. Compressor would be a last resort.
    XBerInDallas ·
    Hey I have a 2006 XB and the A/C is cutting in and out and mostly at high speeds like on the freeway. I have a buddy who works for a dealership and he could not figure it out either. He thinks that it could be the compressor slipping at about 3000 RPM because it typically cools at lower speeds. I bought this car new and now have 160k miles on it, it's been an awesome car. Any idea what is going on, is this common and should I consider a new compressor?
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