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  • HotRod53 ·
    I lemoned my '13 for an engine noise, Toyota gave me a '14 as a replacement. The new owner of my first '06 Tacoma recently hunted me down. It now has 205k on it and they are about to put a frame under it and new rear springs since it has a broken leaf.
    thumpper ·
    Hey I saw a post you made on an older Tacoma you owned and then a '13 that you had. What was/is the story be hind the '13 that you had may I ask? (I'm not up to date on this forum I'll admit it)

    I've got a 2008 (original owner) and love the truck and haven't done to much to it except keep it clean etc. (no new frame unfortunately)

    HotRod53 ·
    I actually have a pair of 6x9" to 6.5" round adapters by Schoche. I bought them for my Camry and ended up putting 6x9s in. What I needed from them was tweeter adapters to fit my Pioneer tweeters but thanks for the offer.
    TheKneebiter ·
    I have a set of the 6x9 tacotunes adapters if you are interested. They are for the 6.5 inch speakers. Allows you to put 6.5 round in your doors. I purchased 2 sets back in the day. Too bad they about them . There product is very well crafted.
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