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  • Mrs Lop ·
    Please help! I have been having an awful time just trying to remember logins due to chemobrain problems. It began when I couldn't remember my password. I really needed to post a question on the board and I created a new User Name in order to post my question. What I did was migrate all of my emails from my old yahoo account to my new gmail account. This is what created a problem. I then created Mrs Lop as a new User. The problem is, that none of the posters that knew my old User name Mrs_Lop, identified with Mrs Lop the 'new User" . Mrs_Lop has been on this board since 2011. Would deleting Mrs Lop as the new user and editing the Mrs_Lop email to my new gmail account work? If so, could you please delete the new Mrs Lop at gmail? How can this be done without any more fuss. I have been trying to get information since early this morning. My brain hurts now from all of this. It seems like more fuss than necessary. Thank you in advance for any help or suggestions.
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