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  • chandoidunghoi ·
    truc tiep kiem ke tai san su dung
    hoac nghiem thu xay dung Cac chi
    hoac hoan thue tai hai duong Cac chi
    hoac don dep so sach o vinh phuc Cac
    cac hop phu huynh dau nam van
    dich nghiem thu khoi luong van
    herbeapuce ·
    Hi invader. you helped me here:

    maybe you can help me again.. I'm wondering if you would know of a trick to remove my rear drums (05 matrix) ? they are stock in rust , presumably around the hub shaft, the nuts and I assume the pads have also grooved in the drums. the 2 x12mm holes for the pull out bolts seems to be toasted. I'm afraid if I hit it from behind with something, the pads and springs and all might rip apart and I won't be able to re-assemble the brakes.... what are your thoughts please ?
    thanks for your help
    stef, Montreal.
    Daboa ·
    Hi Invader,

    It looks like our recent thread was inexplicably deleted and I no longer have the final part # you gave me for the passenger belt buckle.
    I THINK you said the part number for my dark grey buckle was 73230-02160-B1, but I'm not sure. You linked to here, though I don't remember why.

    I guess I have to questions for you:
    1) Was the part number 73230-02160-B1?
    2) You had said the part was either 73230-02160-B1 or 73230-02161-B1 depending on what part of the year my car was manufactured. Which months were for which part #?

    Sorry for asking for info you already provided. Thanks.
    bk3318 ·
    Hey thanks for replying to my thread...I am getting a squeal from my car during idle when next to a wall. Sounds goes away with rev. Probably is the donut gasket. Any tips on this fix? Is it done from the bottom of the car?
    Tiwilager ·

    My 2008 Corolla has a rattling noise, and while looking for what might be the cause, I came across your post in a thread from last year, where you asked if the noise subsided once the engine warmed up, and that is exactly what is happening with my car. I was wondering if you have any insight.

    2004 Corolla ·
    hey there i saw your reply to my post. when u put those high beam lights in the low beam are they to bright for others? i got a 2nd post saying my lights were illegal?
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