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  • jt3212 ·
    Hi island,

    I replied to your thread about the 2015 noise and was curious where you found the problem exactly. I checked the gap between the A pillar and the fender but both sides look equal. The noise is very intermittent but was curious if your fix had held up and where you applied the foam. I agree it can be annoying in a normally quiet car.

    husso ·
    hi islandboy57

    i know this is a late replay to your post :- Tb cleaning
    ( Just did my gf's 2009 Camry with the 2AZ. 54K miles and this was the first time. The car ran fine but the slight vibration at idle (especially while coming to a stop and while in reverse) was getting progressively worse. Cleaned the TB and what a difference! Smooth as silk now even with the lights on and AC on high)

    but i have the exact same problem with my 03 camry 4 cyl 2azfe ( vibration at stops and reversing , I'm a little confused to do the cleaning while the key is in on position with pressing the pedal, or just remove the key and move the valve by hand ? thanks for your help.
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