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  • ctaex ·
    Hi Justin, I just saw your return message. I am sorry I have a kindle and not a PC and I am old and technologically challenged! I bought a 2013 Camry SE with 19,300 miles in July.Ironically I bought it from an ex dealer Volvo mechanic who I had bought 3 Volvo's from. I paid $15,000 for it and sold him my 95 850 turbo for $200, which had a massive oil leak (cam seals?). I love the Camry and in April I have an option to extend the warranty. Depending on the price,I might get it after reading about TC problems! What is your opinion? Thanks for the reply. Lou.
    ctaex ·
    Are you the jblackburn from MVS? I vaguely remembered you talking about getting a Camry and being disappointed that you would not be sharing your thoughtful comments! Looking forward to reading reading your comments. ctaex (loub on MVS).
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