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  • thinman ·
    Hello Jesse,

    I just picked up my Silver XSE HB yesterday. Yours look great.

    I was looking for an SE with BSM, but are very, very rare, so I finally gave up and ordered an XSE. I like the look of the 18 inch wheels but hate the low profile (225x40x18) tires: poorer mileage, bumpier ride and not as good in the rain as those 205x55. Yes, the 16 inch wheels look too small, but for ride, cost, greater tire selection, I like the 205x55's. Also exploring 17 inch tires.

    Why did you pick the 215x45 over the 205x50x17? The former is a little smaller in diameter, the later a little larger. For the 18s, the 205x50x17 gives the exact same diameter.

    Why 8 inch wide wheels versus 7.5? (I like the outer rim of the wheel to have some protection from the tire).

    So far, my limited experience with the 18s is not as terrible as I thought, but mileage and rain handling are untested. Avid GT tires, pretty terrible.

    Thanks so much,

    Jeff (from Austin).
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